Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

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 Historical Summaryxiv–xxi
 The Life and Ministry of Joseph Smithxxii–25
Chapter 1The First Vision: The Father and the Son Appear to Joseph Smith26–35
Chapter 2God the Eternal Father36–44
Chapter 3Jesus Christ, the Divine Redeemer of the World45–56
Chapter 4The Book of Mormon: Keystone of Our Religion57–68
Chapter 5Repentance69–77
Chapter 6The Mission of John the Baptist78–87
Chapter 7Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost88–100
Chapter 8The Everlasting Priesthood101–13
Chapter 9Gifts of the Spirit114–24
Chapter 10Prayer and Personal Revelation125–34
Chapter 11The Organization and Destiny of the True and Living Church135–47
Chapter 12Proclaim Glad Tidings to All the World148–57
Chapter 13Obedience: “When the Lord Commands, Do It”158–70
Chapter 14Words of Hope and Consolation at the Time of Death171–81
Chapter 15Establishing the Cause of Zion182–91
Chapter 16Revelation and the Living Prophet192–205
Chapter 17The Great Plan of Salvation206–16
Chapter 18Beyond the Veil: Life in the Eternities217–26
Chapter 19Stand Fast through the Storms of Life227–37
Chapter 20A Heart Full of Love and Faith: The Prophet’s Letters to His Family238–47
Chapter 21The Second Coming and the Millennium248–60
Chapter 22Gaining Knowledge of Eternal Truths261–70
Chapter 23“How Good and How Pleasant It Is … to Dwell Together in Unity”271–80
Chapter 24Leading in the Lord’s Way281–91
Chapter 25Truths from the Savior’s Parables in Matthew 13292–305
Chapter 26Elijah and the Restoration of the Sealing Keys306–14
Chapter 27Beware the Bitter Fruits of Apostasy315–26
Chapter 28Missionary Service: A Holy Calling, a Glorious Work327–38
Chapter 29Living with Others in Peace and Harmony339–48
Chapter 30Valiant in the Cause of Christ349–57
Chapter 31“God Shall Be with You Forever and Ever”: The Prophet in Liberty Jail358–68
Chapter 32Responding to Persecution with Faith and Courage369–78
Chapter 33The Spiritual Gifts of Healing, Tongues, Prophecy, and Discerning of Spirits379–89
Chapter 34The Power of Forgiving390–400
Chapter 35Redemption for the Dead401–11
Chapter 36Receiving the Ordinances and Blessings of the Temple412–22
Chapter 37Charity, the Pure Love of Christ423–34
Chapter 38The Wentworth Letter435–47
Chapter 39Relief Society: Divine Organization of Women448–57
Chapter 40How Glorious Are Faithful, Just, and True Friends458–67
Chapter 41Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion468–478
Chapter 42Family: The Sweetest Union for Time and for Eternity479–91
Chapter 43“He Was a Prophet of God”: Contemporaries of Joseph Smith Testify of His Prophetic Mission492–506
Chapter 44The Restoration of All Things: The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times507–16
Chapter 45Joseph Smith’s Feelings about His Prophetic Mission517–27
Chapter 46The Martyrdom: The Prophet Seals His Testimony with His Blood528–40
Chapter 47“Praise to the Man”: Latter-day Prophets Bear Witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith541–57
Appendix:Sources Used in This Book558–64
 List of Visuals565–67