Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Howard W. Hunter

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 Howard W. Hunter Watch
 Historical Summary Watch
 The Life and Ministry of Howard W. Hunter Watch
Chapter 1Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy Watch
Chapter 2“My Peace I Give unto You” Watch
Chapter 3Adversity—Part of God’s Plan for Our Eternal Progress Watch
Chapter 4Help from on High Watch
Chapter 5Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration Watch
Chapter 6The Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Watch
Chapter 7Continuous Revelation through Living Prophets Watch
Chapter 8Taking the Gospel to All the World Watch
Chapter 9The Law of Tithing Watch
Chapter 10The Scriptures—The Most Profitable of All Study Watch
Chapter 11True Greatness Watch
Chapter 12Come Back and Feast at the Table of the Lord Watch
Chapter 13The Temple—The Great Symbol of Our Membership Watch
Chapter 14Hastening Family History and Temple Work Watch
Chapter 15The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper Watch
Chapter 16Marriage—An Eternal Partnership Watch
Chapter 17Preserve and Protect the Family Watch
Chapter 18We Believe in Being Honest Watch
Chapter 19Our Commitment to God Watch
Chapter 20Walking the Savior’s Path of Charity Watch
Chapter 21Faith and Testimony Watch
Chapter 22Teaching the Gospel Watch
Chapter 23“No Less Serviceable” Watch
Chapter 24Following the Example of Jesus Christ Watch
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