Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith

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 Joseph Fielding Smithi–ii 
  Historical Summaryix–xiiWatch
  The Life and Ministry of Joseph Fielding Smith1–34Watch
Chapter 1Our Father in Heaven35–47Watch
Chapter 2Our Savior, Jesus Christ48–57Watch
Chapter 3The Plan of Salvation58–71Watch
Chapter 4Strengthening and Preserving the Family72–81Watch
Chapter 5Faith and Repentance82–93Watch
Chapter 6The Significance of the Sacrament94–103Watch
Chapter 7Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Witnesses for Jesus Christ104–15Watch
Chapter 8The Church and Kingdom of God116–26Watch
Chapter 9Witnesses of the Book of Mormon127–38Watch
Chapter 10Our Search for Truth139–50Watch
Chapter 11Honoring the Priesthood Keys Restored through Joseph Smith151–60Watch
Chapter 12The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood161–70Watch
Chapter 13Baptism171–80Watch
Chapter 14The Gift of the Holy Ghost181–90Watch
Chapter 15Eternal Marriage191–202Watch
Chapter 16Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth203–14Watch
Chapter 17Sealing Power and Temple Blessings215–27Watch
Chapter 18Living by Every Word That Proceeds from the Mouth of God228–39Watch
Chapter 19In the World but Not of the World240–51Watch
Chapter 20Love and Concern for All Our Father’s Children252–61Watch
Chapter 21Proclaiming the Gospel to the World262–72Watch
Chapter 22Prayer—a Commandment and a Blessing275–85Watch
Chapter 23Individual Responsibility286–96Watch
Chapter 24The Work of Latter-day Saint Women: “Unselfish Devotion to This Glorious Cause”297–309Watch
Chapter 25The Birth of Jesus Christ: “Good Tidings of Great Joy”310–18Watch
Chapter 26Preparing for the Coming of Our Lord319–32Watch
  List of Visuals331–32