The Eternal Family Teacher Manual

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IntroductionIntroduction to The Eternal Family Teacher Manual (Religion 200) 
Lesson 1Lesson 1: Coming Forth of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” 
Lesson 2Lesson 2: Prophets and Apostles Solemnly Proclaim 
Lesson 3Lesson 3: Our Divine Potential 
Lesson 4Lesson 4: The Family and the Great Plan of Happiness 
Lesson 5Lesson 5: The Conditions of Mortality 
Lesson 6Lesson 6: The Family Is Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan 
Lesson 7Lesson 7: Marriage between a Man and a Woman Is Ordained of God 
Lesson 8Lesson 8: Gender and Eternal Identity 
Lesson 9Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Men 
Lesson 10Lesson 10: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Women 
Lesson 11Lesson 11: Preparing for Eternal Marriage 
Lesson 12Lesson 12: Temple Ordinances and Covenants 
Lesson 13Lesson 13: Improving Temple Worship 
Lesson 14Lesson 14: Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion 
Lesson 15Lesson 15: Eternal Marriage 
Lesson 16Lesson 16: The Sacred Powers of Procreation 
Lesson 17Lesson 17: The Commandment to Multiply and Replenish the Earth 
Lesson 18Lesson 18: Nurturing the Marriage Relationship 
Lesson 19Lesson 19: Building Christ-Centered Lives and Homes 
Lesson 20Lesson 20: Safeguarding Faith and Testimony 
Lesson 21Lesson 21: Rearing Children in Love and Righteousness 
Lesson 22Lesson 22: Creating a Successful Family 
Lesson 23Lesson 23: Providing for Temporal Needs 
Lesson 24Lesson 24: Single Adult Church Members 
Lesson 25Lesson 25: Exercising Faith in Difficult Family Circumstances 
Lesson 26Lesson 26: Accountable before God 
Lesson 27Lesson 27: Prophetic Warnings Concerning the Family 
Lesson 28Lesson 28: Promoting the Family as the Fundamental Unit of Society