The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Life and Teachings of Jesus and his Apostles, Instructor’s Guide (Rel 211–12), (2000), 73–74


Those who follow the living prophets are prepared for Christ’s second coming.

Theme Analysis

  • A.

    The Lord has given certain signs that attest to the nearness of his second coming.

  • B.

    The Lord has promised that those who are prepared need not fear concerning the events attendant to his second coming.

  • C.

    The “prepared” are those who follow the living prophets.

Study Sources

New Testament Reading Assignment

1 and 2 Thessalonians

Course Manual

Chapter 33, “The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

Standard Works

D&C 1:17, 18; 133:57-59. For what purpose was the gospel restored?

D&C 38:30; 45:32-35. Who will be prepared for the Second Coming?

D&C 124:45, 46. How can we stand in holy places?

D&C 112:23-28. What will happen to members of the Church who have not purified their lives?

D&C 21:4-6. What promise does the Lord make to those who will follow the prophets?

Basic Library

Teachings, p. 341. When will Christ come again?

Teachings, pp. 64-65. What will the righteous receive at the Second Coming?

Gos. Doc, p. 89. How can the Saints have a positive outlook on the future?

Discourses, pp. 111-15. When will Zion be redeemed?

DS, 2:112, 295. What are some events relative to the Second Coming?

DS, 3:1-54. Is the Second Coming “tomorrow”?

Harold B. Lee in CR, Oct. 1972, p. 128. What should we study when we want to know about the Second Coming?

Ezra Taft Benson in CR, Oct. 1975, pp. 46-49. A proclamation to the world.

Harold B. Lee in CR, Oct. 1970, p. 152. What is the only safety for the Saints?

Ezra Taft Benson in CR, Oct. 1973, pp. 89-93. How can we prepare for the calamities ahead?

Additional Sources

Joseph Fielding Smith in CR, Apr. 1966, pp. 12-15. What are some of the significant signs of the Second Coming?

Spencer W. Kimball in CR, Oct. 1961, pp. 29-34. How can the righteous prepare?

Harold B. Lee, Improvement Era, Feb. 1965, p. 121. How can we prepare to meet the Lord?

Marion G. Romney in CR, Oct. 1966, pp. 50-53. What hope can the righteous have in the future?

Some Suggestions for Presentation

(Ideas Other Teachers Have Used)

Note to the Teacher

It is hoped in this lesson that the students will gain a positive outlook on the second coming of Christ. Too many times young people hear only the negative aspects of prophecies that relate to this great event. It is hoped that when they have finished this discussion they will realize that the Lord has made great promises to those who will follow the prophets. Perhaps a chalkboard discussion could be held on the promises the Lord has made to the righteous. Also, this lesson is not just a lesson on the Second Coming, but a lesson on Paul’s teachings from 1 and 2 Thessalonians on the Second Coming. Also note that lesson 22 is on the Second Coming. IS instructors should decide what to teach only after examining both lessons.

What Is the Value of Prophecy? (Chalkboard Discussion)

The teacher may wish to use the following diagram or another of his choosing:

where you stand
  1. 1.

    What is the value of knowing history?

  2. 2.

    What do you think the future will bring?

  3. 3.

    How would it help us to know what will happen in the future?

  4. 4.

    What particular questions did the saints of Thessalonica have about the Second Coming?



    Paul’s Answer

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

    What will happen to those who have died prior to the Second Coming?


    1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

    When will Jesus come?


    2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

    To whom can we look for guidance in preparing for the Second Coming?

  5. 5.

    The teacher may wish to review some of the significant prophecies relative to the Second Coming, remembering what President Harold B. Lee said. (See CR, Oct. 1972, p. 128.)

Who Will Be Ready for the Second Coming? (Scripture Analysis)

The teacher may wish to refer to the scriptures to answer this question. The following references could be used:

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28. How can we become children of the light? (See the course manual.)

D&C 59:23. How can we find peace in a world of turmoil?

2 Nephi 31:16, 17. Who is it that needs to have no fear during the times of great distress prior to the Second Coming?

1 Nephi 22:17. How may the Lord protect the righteous?

How Can We Prepare? (Discussion and Chalkboard)

The teacher may wish to use a case study like the following to introduce this. During a discussion on the signs of the times, Fred raised his hand and said, “We’re always talking about the time being short, that we had better get our food storage because Christ’s second coming is nigh at hand. My father and grandfather heard the same things, and so did the Church members before them. It seems to me that we get excited over nothing. I imagine that after I’m dead my grandchildren will be getting the same lesson.” How would the students answer this:

“Brothers and sisters, this is the day the Lord is speaking of. You see the signs are here. Be ye therefore ready. The Brethren have told you in this conference how to prepare to be ready. We have never had a conference where there has been so much direct instruction, so much admonition; when the problems have been defined and also the solution to the problem has been suggested.

“Let us not turn a deaf ear now, but listen to these as the words that have come from the Lord, inspired of him, and we will be safe on Zion’s hill, until all that the Lord has for his children shall have been accomplished.” (Harold B. Lee in CR, Oct. 1973, p. 170.)

What did Paul suggest in 1 and 2 Thessalonians that we do to prepare? What have the prophets today encouraged us to do to prepare?