“What Lack I Yet?”

The Life and Teachings of Jesus and his Apostles, Instructor’s Guide (Rel 211–12), (2000), 45–46


A willingness to place all on the altar in the service of the Master is critical in the process of perfection.

Theme Analysis

  • A.

    Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of the absolutely committed life. He came not to serve himself but to serve first his Father and then his Father’s family

  • B.

    The disciple of the Savior must follow the example of the Master in his total commitment and desire to serve God and his brothers and sisters.

  • C.

    Those who can discipline themselves in this total commitment move along the path of perfection, whereas those who refuse damn their eternal progress.

Study Sources

Course Manual

Chapter 19, “What Lack I Yet?”

Standard Works

D&C 64:34. What does the Lord ask of his disciples?

Luke 14:25-33. An overview of the requirements of discipleship.

Luke 17:5-10. What is the key to increasing our faith? (See vs. 10; see also D&C 58:26-29.)

Matthew 19:27-29. What are the rewards of those who serve the Lord fully?

Helaman 10:4-10. An example of the blessing that came to one very faithful servant.

Abraham 3:25. Will we, like the rich young man, be tested concerning our commitment to the Lord?

Basic Library

Jesus the Christ, pp. 476-78. A commentary on the episode of the rich young ruler.

Bruce R. McConkie in CR, Apr. 1975, pp. 74-77. An exposition on the principles of sacrifice and consecration, with a commentary on the incident of the rich young man.

Bruce R McConkie in CR, Oct. 1974, pp. 44-46. What constitutes being valiant in the service of the Master?

Harold B. Lee in CR, Apr. 1973, p. 180. We best serve God by loving and serving his people.

Additional Sources

Bruce R McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:551-56. A doctrinal commentary on the incident of the Savior and the rich young ruler. What is the commitment required for eternal life?

Some Suggestions for Presentation

(Ideas Other Teachers Have Used)

“We Will Prove Them Herewith” (Abraham 3:25)

Discuss the following ideas, emphasizing that like the rich young ruler, our commitment to the Savior must be tested and proven. (A review of Elder McConkie’s talk on being valiant could aid in this discussion. See basic library.)

Possible Tests

  • A mission

  • Marriage in the temple

  • The law of chastity

  • The Word of Wisdom

  • Tithing

  • Church service

  • Sabbath observance

  • Food storage

  • Scripture study

  • Genealogy

  • Fashion

  • The charge to follow the prophet

Possible Reactions

(It might be well to point out that it is seldom the monumental things that test us. Rather, it is the so-called little things of life that make the difference. Few Saints will be asked to give their lives for the Savior. For most of us, the test will come as we attempt to live the gospel in an alien world.)

“What Lack I Yet?” (Matthew 19:20)

It has been said that the greatest sin is to be conscious of none. In part, perhaps, this was the problem of the rich young ruler. The teacher could use 1 Corinthians 11:28 as a springboard to discussion, asking the students to ask themselves What lack I yet? The list of sins on page 25 of The Miracle of Forgiveness could aid the discussion.