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The Life and Teachings of Jesus and his Apostles, Instructor’s Guide (Rel 211–12)

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1“I Am the Way”9–10
2The Promised Messiah11–12
3The Son of the Eternal Father13–14
4“Behold the Lamb of God”15–16
5“Ye Must Be Born Again”17–18
6“This Is He of Whom It Is Written”19–20
7The Calling of the Twelve21–22
8“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”23–24
9“Whosoever Shall Do the Will of the Father”25–26
10“He Spake Many Things unto Them in Parables”27–28
11“He That Receiveth Whomsoever I Send Receiveth Me”29–30
12“I Am the Bread of Life”31–32
13That Which Defiles a Man33–34
14The Transfiguration of Christ35–36
15“I Am the Light of the World”37–38
16The Two Great Commandments39–40
17Where Much Is Given, Much Is Required41–42
18“Rejoice with Me; for I Have Found the … Lost”43–44
19“What Lack I Yet?”45–46
20The Triumphal Entry47–48
21“Woe unto You … Hypocrites!”49–50
22“What Shall Be the Sign of Thy Coming?”51–52
23“As I Have Loved You”53–54
24“My Peace I Give unto You”55–56
25“Not My Will, but Thine, Be Done”57–58
26“I Find No Fault in This Man”59–60
27“He Is Risen”!61–62
28“I Know That He Lives”63–64
29“Ye Are My Witnesses, Saith the Lord”65–66
30“God Is No Respecter of Persons”67–68
31“A Chosen Vessel unto Me”69–70
32“I Have Set Thee to Be a Light of the Gentiles”71–72
33The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ73–74
34“That Your Faith Should Not Stand in the Wisdom of Men”75–76
35“This Do in Remembrance of Me”77–78
36“Covet Eearnestly the Best Gifts”79–80
37“Affliction Worketh in Us a More Exceeding Weight of Glory”81–82
38“Whatsoever a Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap”83–84
39“Man Is Justified by Faith”85–86
40“Heirs of God, and Joint-heirs with Christ”87–88
41“Elected Before the Foundations of the World”89–90
42“As Thou Hast Testified of Me in Jerusalem, so Must Thou Bear Witness Also at Rome”91–92
43“Ye Are … Fellow Citizens with the Saints”93–94
44“Be Thou an Example of the Believers”95–96
45“I Have Fought a Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept the Faith”97–98
46“Let Us Go On unto Perfection”99–100
47“By the Blood Ye Are Sanctified”101–2
48Faith: “Evidence of Things Not Seen”103–4
49“Pure Religion and Undefiled”105–6
50“For This Cause Was the Gospel Preached Also to Them That Are Dead”107–8
51“Partakers of the Divine Nature”109–10
52“Walk in the Light, As He Is in the Light”111–12
53“For There Are Certain Men Crept In Unawares”113–14
54“The Revelation of Jesus Christ … unto His Servant John”115–16
55“The Kingdoms of This World Are Become the Kingdoms of Our Lord”117–18
56“Behold, I Come Quickly; and My Reward Is with Me”119–21