Joseph Smith–History

The Pearl of Great Price: Teacher Manual, (2000), 54–55

Some Important Principles, Doctrines, and Events

Suggestions for Teaching

An Extract from the History of Joseph Smith

Have students read Doctrine and Covenants 21:1and find what the Prophet Joseph Smith was commanded to do. Discuss possible reasons why the Lord would want Joseph to keep a record. Read the paragraph about Joseph Smith—History in the Introductory Note of the Pearl of Great Price. (If available, show students one or more volumes of History of the Churchand invite students to look through them.) Review with students the material under “What Is Joseph Smith—History?” and “Who Wrote Joseph Smith—History?” in the student manual (pp. 52–53).

History of Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith—History. Overview

Have students read the five italicized summary statements that are found throughout Joseph Smith—History and list the major events that are described in the text. Write the following five statements on the board:

God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ have appeared to mankind in modern times.

There was an apostasy of the true Church.

Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

The Book of Mormon is the word of God.

The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored.

Ask students: If any one of these statements were false, how would that affect the other statements, and why? Invite students to consider the following quotation from President Ezra Taft Benson, and then explain the relationship between a testimony of the Book of Mormon and a testimony of Joseph Smith’s other work.

“All the Church stand[s] or fall[s] with the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The enemies of the Church understand this clearly. This is why they go to such great lengths to try to disprove the Book of Mormon, for if it can be discredited, the Prophet Joseph Smith goes with it. So does our claim to priesthood keys, and revelation, and the restored Church. But in like manner, if the Book of Mormon be true—and millions have now testified that they have the witness of the Spirit that it is indeed true—then one must accept the claims of the Restoration and all that accompanies it” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1986, 5; or Ensign,Nov. 1986, 6).

Bear your testimony of the truth of the events described in Joseph Smith—History, and invite students to share their thoughts and feelings.