Abraham 1:5–19 and Facsimile 1: Jehovah Saved Abraham

The Pearl of Great Price: Teacher Manual, (2000), 38–39

Some Important Principles, Doctrines, and Events

Suggestions for Teaching

Media Suggestion. “‘For I Am with Thee’”

Old Testament Symposium 1995 Resource Videocassettepresentation 4, “‘For I Am with Thee’” (10:00), portrays Abraham being freed from the altar.

Abraham 1:5–7. They Refused to Hearken to Abraham

Ask students what they would do if their parents set their hearts on evil and worshiped false gods. Review Abraham 1:5–7. Ask: What did Abraham try to do? Compare the courage of Abraham to other people in the scriptures or to people the students know. You may also want to read the commentary for Abraham 1:4–6in the student manual (p. 30).

Abraham 1:8–15. “I Lifted Up My Voice”

Have students search Abraham 1:8–15for answers to the following questions: What was customary for the priest of Pharaoh to do? Where did he do it? What kind of offering did he make? Who had been offered before? Why did the priest of Elkenah want to sacrifice Abraham? What did Abraham do as he lay bound on the altar? Who came to be with Abraham? Read and discuss Psalm 50:15; Alma 38:5; and Doctrine and Covenants 3:7–8.

Abraham 1:15–17, 20. “I Have Come Down to Deliver Thee”

Read Abraham 1:15–17, 20and discuss what the Lord did and said He would do for Abraham. Compare the power of the priest and the power of the Lord. Have students read Alma 14:10–13; 58:10–12; Doctrine and Covenants 24:1and compare times when the Lord delivers or does not deliver the righteous from physical harm.

Priest with knife - Picture

Facsimile 1. The Lord Saved Abraham

Have students study Facsimile 1, including the explanations for the twelve figures. Assign them to find verses in chapters 1–3 of Abraham that they can relate to one or more of the twelve explanations. Invite a student to tell in his or her own words the story of what is portrayed in Facsimile 1. Ask students to suggest titles for Facsimile 1.

Abraham 1:16–19. “I Will Lead Thee by My Hand”

Have students list the promises the Lord made to Abraham in Abraham 1:16–19. Tell students that the Lord often leads righteous people away from the wicked (for example, see Genesis 19:15–17; 1 Nephi 2:1–4; 2 Nephi 5:1–7; Omni 1:12–13; Moses 6:15–17).

Abraham 1:18–19. “The Priesthood of Thy Father”

Read Abraham 1:3–4, 18–19. Have students list the names in Abraham’s priesthood “line of authority,” using Doctrine and Covenants 84:14–16. Have students compare the covenant the Lord made with Abraham to the covenant the Lord made with Enoch in Moses 7:50–52(see also Moses 8:19).