Moses 7:42–57: Enoch Saw the Days of Noah and Jesus Christ

The Pearl of Great Price: Teacher Manual, (2000), 31–32

Some Important Principles, Doctrines, and Events

Suggestions for Teaching

Moses 7:41–47. “I Will Refuse to Be Comforted”

Bring a recent newspaper to class and read some headlines or articles that are examples of the world’s wickedness. Ask students to read Moses 7:41–43and make up some headlines that could describe events in Noah’s day. Ask: According to verses 44–45, how did Enoch feel when he saw the events of Noah’s day? What did the Lord show Enoch in verses 46–47 that gave him comfort? How can what Enoch saw be a comfort to us?

Moses 7:48–49. “The Mother of Men”

Invite a student to do a dramatic reading of the words spoken by the earth in Moses 7:48, and invite another student to read aloud what Enoch said in verse 49. Discuss the events that occurred in verse 56. Read the statement by Elder Joseph Fielding Smith in the commentary for Moses 7:48in the student manual (p. 23). Ask students what they think the earth might be saying about what is happening on it today.

Moses 7:50–52, 59–60. “The Lord Could Not Withhold”

Invite students to tell in their own words what Enoch asked of the Lord in Moses 7:50, 59. Ask: What were the Lord’s responses in verses 51–52, 60? Ask students what they learn from these verses about the Lord and covenants. What do they learn about prayer? How could this knowledge help us make and keep covenants with the Lord?

Moses 7:53. “The Rock of Heaven”

Read Moses 7:53, and then invite students to search the scriptures (using the Topical Guide at the back of the LDS edition of the King James Bible, if necessary) to find verses that refer to the Lord as a “rock” or “stone.” Have them share the scriptures they find, and tell what the imagery of the rock or stone means to them.

Moses 7:55–57. The First Resurrection

List and discuss what the Lord showed Enoch would happen at the death and Resurrection of Christ (see Moses 7:55–57). Ask: Who came forth from prison, and why? (see D&C 76:71–74; 138:29–34). Who were “reserved in chains,” and why? (see Mosiah 15:26; D&C 76:81–85; 88:100–101). Ask students what the righteous do when they go to the spirit world (see D&C 138:57). When will they be resurrected? (see 1 Corinthians 15:23; D&C 88:95–102).