Lesson 30: Preparing for an Eternal Home

"Lesson 30: Preparing for an Eternal Home," The Presidents of the Church: Teacher’s Manual, (1996)


Class members will become familiar with the qualities and skills—the ingredients—important in preparing for an eternal home.


  1. 1.

    See that each class member has a copy of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants.

  2. 2.

    Prepare to show the picture of President McKay and his wife, Emma.

  3. 3.

    Prepare a poster on which is written: “It’s possible to make home a bit of heaven. Indeed, I picture heaven as a continuation of the ideal home.” David O. McKay

  4. 4.

    (Optional) Carefully read through the class activity, “Ingredients of a Heavenly Home.” Make all needful preparation before class. This will include obtaining: an apron, chef’s hat (if you have one), large mixing bowl, electric or hand mixer, a large mixing spoon or spatula.

  5. 5.

    Prepare the following wordstrips for the “Ingredients of a Heavenly Home” activity: Holy Ghost, Temptations and Sin, Temple Marriage, Mother, Dad, Children, Living the Gospel, Scripture Study, Prayer, Meeting Attendance, Courtesy, Communication, Word of Wisdom, Exercise, Proper Diet, Rest, Love, and Unselfishness.

  6. 6.

    Optional: Make a batch of cookies or something else made by following a recipe. Bring them in a covered container, plate, or bowl. Do not violate the law of the fast if this is fast Sunday.

Suggested Lesson Development


Chalkboard and discussion

  • What do you think heaven is like? (Write responses on the chalkboard. Answers might include: peaceful, full of love, happy, home, reverent.)

  • Why do you believe heaven is like this? (Allow varied answers.)

Scripture discussion

The scriptures give us some indication as to what heaven is like. Read with the class the following scripture references:

Helaman 3:28. Heaven is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ.

Alma 18:30. Heaven is where God and his angels live.

Mosiah 2:41. Heaven is a place where we may live with God and always be happy.


  • Can you remember a time when you thought, “This must be what heaven is like!” What made that occasion “heavenly”? (Allow time for the class to respond; answers will vary.)


Display President David O. McKay’s statement:

“‘It’s possible to make home a bit of heaven. Indeed, I picture heaven as a continuation of the ideal home’” (John J. Stewart, Remembering the McKays [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1970], p. 6).

The words to the song “Where Is Heaven?” reinforce President McKay’s statement. The words are as follows:


Read the words to this song.

Where is Heaven? Is it very far?
I would like to know if it’s beyond the brightest star.
Where is Heaven? Will you show the way?
I would like to learn and grow and go there some day.
Where is Heaven? Is it very far?
I would like to know if it’s beyond the brightest star.
I’ve a feeling that it’s not so far.
When you’re with the ones you love, it’s right where you are.


  • Where or what is heaven? (It is being at home with loved ones.)

If heaven can be found in the ideal home, shouldn’t we be helping make our homes ideal now and preparing for the responsibility of being leaders in our own future homes? Helping make a home ideal and being a leader in a home are great responsibilities that take preparation.

Ingredients of a Heavenly Home


  • What are some “ingredients” of a heavenly home? (To help the class members answer this question, proceed into the class activity.)


Have the necessary items ready to use in the activity, including the wordstrips. You may wish to give the wordstrips to class members, and, as you name a particular “ingredient,” have the class member holding that wordstrip bring it to the table and place it in the mixing bowl.

Put on the apron and hat, if you have one, and act out the following recipe using the large bowl, mixer, spoon or spatula, and ingredients (wordstrips). As you mix, say the following:

These are the ingredients for a heavenly home.

First, at the very beginning, invite the Holy Ghost to your home to stay.
Crush Temptations and Sin and set them aside outside the bowl.
Blend in one Temple Marriage, one Mother (who loves Dad), one Dad (who loves Mother).
Gradually add Children.
Quickly stir in Living the Gospel: Scripture Study, Prayer, and Meeting Attendance.
Sprinkle liberally with Courtesy and Communication.
Garnish with the Word of Wisdom: Exercise, Proper Diet, and Rest.
Pour Love over everything.
Serve with Unselfishness.

When you have finished with the ingredients, uncover the cookies or other food that you prepared before class. Let each class member take one. Tell them that just as the good taste of the cookies (or candy, etc.) can last, the success in a marriage can last forever if the ingredients are all included. Again, do not violate the fast if this is fast Sunday.

Living the Principles of the Gospel Prepares One for a Heavenly Home on Earth

Consider each of the ingredients for a heavenly home in the order they were used. This may help the class understand why living the principles of the gospel is important as we prepare our own homes.


Retrieve the wordstrips for each ingredient from the mixing bowl and display each where class members can see them. Discuss each item.


Show the picture of President McKay and his wife, Emma, from the lesson.

President David O. McKay said: “Young men and young women who would live the happiest lives would do well to prepare themselves to be worthy of that form of marriage which God has ordained—the union of a man and woman worthy to have their marriage solemnized in the temple of the Most High” (Gospel Ideals [Salt Lake City: Improvement Era, 1953], p. 465).


  • What are some common courtesies of our culture? (Answers will vary.)

  • Even though some courtesies vary with different cultures, there are those that are common to all cultures. What are some common courtesies? (Answers will vary, but make sure the following are brought out in the discussion: kindness, gratitude [saying please and thank you], respect [especially for parents, those in authority, and elderly people].)


  • During the last week, how many conversations that lasted fifteen minutes or more did you have with the following people: your mother, your father, your brothers or sisters? (Allow class members to respond. Consider each separately, mother first, father next, etc. Stress the importance of learning to communicate with skill. Suggest they practice with their parents or other family members. Remember that communication includes listening.)

Scripture discussion

Read and discuss together as a class Doctrine and Covenants 89:3, 18–21.

Testimony and Challenge

End with your testimony and challenge class members to set their goals to accept nothing less than a temple marriage. Challenge them to begin now preparing and making their homes bits of heaven on earth, utilizing the “ingredients” for a heavenly home discussed in this lesson.