True to the Faith

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 Message from the First Presidency1
 Aaronic Priesthood3–4
 Abrahamic Covenant5–6
 Area Authority Seventy14
 Articles of Faith14
 Atonement of Jesus Christ14–21
 Birth Control26
 Body Piercing27
 Book of Mormon27
 Born Again27
 Celestial Kingdom27
 Church Administration34–37
 Church Disciplinary Councils37–38
 Civil Government and Law38–39
 Council in Heaven43
 Death, Physical46–47
 Death, Spiritual48
 Doctrine and Covenants50
 Eternal Life52–53
 Family History Work and Genealogy61–64
 Family Home Evening65–66
 Family Prayer66
 Fasting and Fast Offerings66–69
 First Presidency69
 General Authorities73
 Gift of the Holy Ghost73
 Gifts of the Spirit73
 God the Father74–76
 Heavenly Father81
 Holy Ghost81–84
 Home Teaching84
 Hot Drinks86
 Jesus Christ87–89
 Joseph Smith89–90
 Judging Others90–91
 Keys of the Priesthood92
 Kingdoms of Glory92–95
 Laying On of Hands95
 Light of Christ96
 Melchizedek Priesthood101–2
 Missionary Work104–6
 Original Sin110–11
 Patriarchal Blessings111–13
 Pearl of Great Price115
 Personal Revelation115
 Plan of Salvation115–17
 Premortal Existence123
 Quorum of the Twelve Apostles130
 Quorums of the Seventy130
 Relief Society130–31
 Restoration of the Gospel135–39
 Sacrament Meeting149
 Second Coming of Jesus Christ159–61
 Sexual Immorality162
 Smith, Joseph Jr.164
 Spirit of the Lord165
 Spirit of Truth165
 Spirit Prison165
 Spiritual Death165
 Spiritual Gifts165–67
 Standard Works167
 Teaching the Gospel168–70
 Telestial Kingdom170
 Ten Commandments176–78
 Terrestrial Kingdom178
 Visiting Teaching183
 Word of Wisdom186–88