Young Women Manual 1

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 Special Guidelines for Involving Members with Disabilitiesix 
Living as a Daughter of God  
Lesson 1A Daughter of God2–5 
Lesson 2Jesus Christ, the Savior6–8 
Lesson 3Following the Example of Jesus Christ9–12 
Lesson 4Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost13–16 
Fulfilling Women’s Divine Roles  
Lesson 5Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential18–19 
Lesson 6Finding Joy Now20–23 
Lesson 7Homemaking24–27 
Lesson 8Attitudes about Our Divine Roles28–30 
Contributing to Family Life  
Lesson 9Honoring Parents32–37 
Lesson 10Supporting Family Members38–41 
Lesson 11Growing and Maturing in Self-reliance, Part 142–46 
Lesson 12Growing and Maturing in Self-reliance, Part 247–50 
Learning about the Priesthood  
Lesson 13Sustaining Priesthood Bearers52–55 
Lesson 14Patriarchal Leadership in the Home56–60 
Lesson 15The Melchizedek Priesthood61–65 
Lesson 16Women and Priesthood Bearers66–70 
Learning about Family History and Temple Work  
Lesson 17The Purpose of Covenants and Ordinances72–75 
Lesson 18Temple Marriage—Requirement for Eternal Family Life76–80 
Lesson 19Personal Records81–86 
Being Involved in Missionary Work  
Lesson 20Reach Out to Others88–92 
Lesson 21A Righteous Example Influences Others93–96 
Increasing in Spirituality  
Lesson 22Repentance98–100 
Lesson 23Forgiveness101–4 
Lesson 24Prayer and Meditation105–8 
Lesson 25Sabbath Day109–12 
Lesson 26Testimony113–16 
Lesson 27Scripture Study117–20 
Lesson 28Resisting Sin121–4 
Lesson 29The Second Coming125–27 
Lesson 30Service128–32 
Living a Virtuous Life  
Lesson 31Group Activities: A Basis for Wise Dating134–38 
Lesson 32Personal Purity through Self-discipline139–42 
Lesson 33Avoiding Degrading Media Influences143–47 
Lesson 34Worthy Thoughts148–52 
Lesson 35Living Righteously amid Pressures153–57 
Lesson 36The Importance of Truth in Living a Virtuous Life158–62 
Maintaining Physical Health  
Lesson 37Caring for Our Physical Bodies164–66 
Lesson 38Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom167–70 
Lesson 39Drug Abuse171–75 
Lesson 40Health Care in the Home176–80 
Developing Socially and Emotionally  
Lesson 41The Ability to Succeed182–85 
Lesson 42Courage to Try186–88 
Lesson 43Righteous Living189–92 
Managing Personal Resources  
Lesson 44Using Time Wisely194–97 
Lesson 45The Value of Work198–202 
Lesson 46The Purpose and Value of Education203–5 
Lesson 47Encouraging the Development of Talents206–10 
Developing Leadership Skills  
Lesson 48Short-Range Goals as Stepping Stones212–14 
Lesson 49Delegating Responsibility to Others215–17 
Lesson 50To the Young Women Adviser: Organizing Lessons from General Conference Addresses218–19