Living a Virtuous Life

Young Women Manual 3, (1994), 119–36

Note to the teacher

Through the scriptures and his prophets, the Lord has taught his standard of morality in each dispensation. The deterioration of moral standards in the world around us has created a great chasm between what the world accepts and what is approved by the Lord. We must know the Lord’s standard of morality in order to live it.

As you present the lessons in this unit, teach the Lord’s standard of morality in an appropriate, sensitive manner suited to the young women’s stages of development and readiness for the material. Close relationships between advisers and young women often result in informal conversations about particular moral temptations or questions. As an adviser, your role is to answer questions appropriately, always turning the young woman to her parents.

To help you be prepared to respond appropriately, read carefully the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth (34285). The booklet A Parent’s Guide (31125) will also be a helpful resource. It was prepared to help parents teach their children about physical intimacies and prepare their children to follow the Lord’s plan in the use of physical intimacy.

Remember that only the bishop asks questions about chastity and associated moral matters in interviews (see the Young Women Leadership Handbook, p. 16, and the Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership Handbook, p. 20). Encourage young women to meet with the bishop if they want to talk about the appropriateness of their behavior.

In these lessons, rely upon the Spirit’s direction in deciding what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach certain subjects. Discussion should be confined to those areas that have been taught by the prophets and that are in the lesson materials.

The presentation Morality for Youth on the videocassette Come unto Me (53146) would provide an appropriate introduction or conclusion to the lessons in this unit. There is not enough time in a class period to include the film and its discussion as well as a lesson; therefore, a separate class period should be used to show the film and discuss it.