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  • Auxiliary Training

    Find guidance and inspiration to help you magnify your calling by watching and reviewing the 2014 Auxiliary Training videos.

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  • I’m a Mormon—Elaine Bradley

    See how a Mormon mother and musician builds her talents and enriches her life through faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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  • Video Topics—Pioneers

    Hear stories of faith, perseverance, and surmounting the odds from the lives of our pioneer forebears.

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  • Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper

    Download these inspirational wallpapers in a variety of different sizes suited to your device.

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  • Live Facebook Event—Chat with David Archuleta

    Hear David tell stories from his mission and testify of the importance of making sacrifices for the Lord.

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  • Auxiliary Training

  • I’m a Mormon—Elaine  ...

  • Video Topics—Pioneers

  • Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper

  • Live Facebook Event


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    The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will inspire you to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. These videos offer a new and meaningful way to learn about Jesus Christ and are a great resource for you and your family.

  • Temple Images  

    Temples provide a sacred haven for Latter-day Saints around the world. View and download photos of these beautiful LDS temples here.

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    View and download images from the Gospel Art Book to help teach Sunday lessons or use in Family Home Evening.

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  • Showing Videos without an Internet Connection  

    Having trouble showing videos to your class without an internet connection? Check out our article with useful tips and suggestions.