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Mobile Devices

What Is a Mobile Device?

A mobile device is a small, handheld computing device usually outfitted with a display screen and input method (either touchscreen or miniature keyboard). Many portable mobile devices have operating systems that can run applications (or “apps”). Apps make it possible for mobile devices and phones to be used as gaming devices, media players, calculators, navigators, and more.

Popular operating systems and manufacturers include:

  • Android.
  • Apple (iOS).
  • BlackBerry.
  • Kindle Fire.
  • Palm.
  • Windows Mobile.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. Apps help users accomplish specialized tasks more commonly done on desktop computers and make the Internet more accessible on mobile devices.

The Church and Mobile Devices

Church media and content is now available on more mobile devices than ever. Popular Church apps for mobile devices include the Gospel Library app, the Mormon Channel app, and the LDS Tools app. These apps allow users to access materials such as Church lesson manuals, general conference talks, LDS scriptures, or the ward directory. Official Church apps are currently available for the following devices: