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針對媒體資料庫的資料,若無特別註明,你可以從本網站張貼資料到另一個網站或電腦網路供個人、教會相關、非商業用途等的使用。 若需更多有關使用和分享教會媒體的資訊,請查看我們的常見問題頁面。

Podcasts/RSS Feeds

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What Are Podcasts and RSS Feeds?

Podcasts and RSS (really simple syndication) feeds are a means of receiving regularly updated digital content such as audio, video, and text. They are commonly referred to as Web feeds.


Feeds create a list of updates that contain titles, short descriptions, and hyperlinks to longer articles or Web pages, as well as a reference linked back to the originating site. Rather than constantly visiting websites to check for new information, the user subscribes to various information sources, and the RSS feed delivers new content to the user automatically, allowing the user to streamline information and stay updated with minimal effort.

To use feeds, you need a special news reader or feed aggregator that allows you to subscribe to, collect, and display the content. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not provide the required news reader or feed aggregator. However, several different products are available, many of which are free. Most feed aggregators are applications that you download and install. Others are Web-based services you sign up for that work inside your browser. For an independent list of feed aggregator applications, use a search engine to find results. For feeds that contain MP3s or other media files (often called podcasts), a music program like iTunes or Winamp will allow you to subscribe and listen to the files. Each program offers a different way of subscribing to Web feeds, so follow the instructions in the selected program.

The Church and Podcasts and RSS Feeds

Inspirational daily quotations, news articles, and content posted to Church websites are available as RSS feeds. Podcasts such as general conference sessions, CES firesides, and many others are also available. Subscribing to Church RSS feeds is a great way to receive daily inspiration and enhance your gospel study. To subscribe, please see the list below.


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