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    Learn how to use various social media platforms—including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—to share the gospel.

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  • Jesus Christ—Videos by Topic

    Watch inspiring videos about the Savior in this video category, sorted by topic.

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  • Gospel Art

    The Gospel Art Book, now available online, is a great resource for lessons and family home evening.

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  • Biblia Sagrada

    Learn the great impact that the revision of the Holy Bible in Portuguese will have on Portuguese-speaking Church members.

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  • Social Media Page

  • Jesus Christ—Videos by Topic

  • Gospel Art

  • Biblia Sagrada


What's New

  • A Savior Is Born—Christmas Video  

    A Savior is born. Each Christmas season we celebrate the birth of our Savior—the Son of God, who can save us from sin and sadness. Remember Him, love Him, and follow Him. Video added November 29, 2015. 

  • Tijuana Mexico Temple  

    The Tijuana Mexico Temple will be dedicated December 13. Images added November 20, 2015. 

  • Nearer, My God, to Thee  

    Images for this music video portray moments when Jesus Christ personally reached out to those who needed His help, love, and understanding. He still reaches out to us today.Video added November 20, 2015. 

  • Why Does God Give us Commandments?  

    Have you ever wondered why God gives us commandments? It can feel restricting, but is that the reality? Video added November 17, 2015. 

  • Face to Face with Elder and Sister Bednar  

    Highlights from the Face to Face with Elder and Sister Bednar are now available. Videos added November 12, 2015. 

  • Everyday Distractions  

    Life gets a little distracting sometimes. What do you do to set aside the Sabbath Day? Video added November 10, 2015. 

  • Good Things to Share  

    Sharing what matters most is not unusual at all—what good things will you share? Video added November 10, 2015. 

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