LDS Media Library

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Using Media for Sharing the Gospel

“With new technological tools, you can further the work of the Lord by joining the ongoing conversation about the Church” (see M. Russell Ballard, “Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet,Liahona, July 2008).

While technology continues to advance, the opportunities to share the gospel grow with it. The following are just a few ways to use the LDS Media Library and the Internet to share the gospel:


  • Study counsel from general conference to find answers to questions from your nonmember friends.
  • Stay informed by viewing videos featuring counsel from Church leaders.
  • Strengthen your testimony of the doctrines of the gospel by watching presentations inspired by the scriptures.


  • Invite individuals investigating the Church to view videos featuring testimonies shared by members.
  • “Like” or share gospel messages, videos, and images on Facebook.
  • E-mail the link to an audio talk to someone who is having a hard time.


  • Post images to illustrate your testimony on your blog or Facebook page.
  • Create a family testimony blog where members of your family can share their testimonies as well as faith-building experiences.
  • Create a “My Beliefs” category on a social bookmarking site, and add your favorite images, videos, and music from the LDS Media Library.

Additional ideas and resources for sharing the gospel online can be found at the following links: