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Overview - Section 39

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Title Time Scripture
Overview of Church History 10:34 Overview
The Plan of Salvation 10:39 Overview
The Great Apostasy 16:33 Overview

Joseph Smith History

Title Time Scripture
The Restoration 19:19 Joseph Smith History
A Marvelous work and a wonder 5:46 Joseph Smith History
Joseph Smith and the Minister 1:57 Joseph Smith History

D & C 1 - 39

Title Time Scripture
Seek the Lord 6:18 D&C 1:14-16
The True and living church 1:25 D&C 1:30
The Work of God 13:35 D&C 3,10
Missionaries to Match Our Message 2:25 D&C 4
"This is the Spirit of Revelation" 9:41 D&C 6,8-9
Our Most Important Duty 1:12 D&C 6:14-24
Getting Answers to Prayers 1:14 D&C 8-9
Proceed With Trust 1:21 D&C 9:7-9
Thwarting Satan's Evil Designs 0:53 D&C 10:20-27
Our Work is to Keep the Commandments 1:28 D&C 11: 12-14
Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood 1:03 D&C 13
Endure to the End 2:05 D&C 14:7
The Worth of Souls 2:36 D&C 18:10-16
Christ Suffered for All 2:24 D&C 19:16-19
Organization of the Church 1:48 D&C 20
Priesthood Responsibilities 2:50 D&C 20:38-71
Renewing All Covenants through the Sacrament 1:07 D&C 20:75-79
A Trusted Voice to Declare God's Word 0:41 D&C 21:1-9
"An Elect Lady" 5:18 D&C 25:2-3
Emma Smith Follows the Lord's Counsel 10:35 D&C 25
Faithful Latter-day Saint Women 0:53 D&C 25:10,13-16
Take Upon You My Whole Armor 1:31 D&C 27:15-18
"You Have Not Given Heed unto My Spirit" 0:51 D&C 30:1-2
Faith Precedes the Miracle 0:56 D&C 35:8-11
Pride Keeps Us from Choosing the Lord 0:45 D&C 39:7-12