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Section 120-Church History

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Section 120 - 138

Title Time Scripture
Haun's Mill 1:37 D&C 121
"If Thou Endure It Well" 2:12 D&C 121:7-8
Many Called; Few Chosen 1:18 D&C 121:34-36
"The Powers of Heaven" 9:14 D&C 121:34-46
Our Constant Companion 1:37 D&C 121: 45-46
Many Seek the Truth 1:17 D&C 123:12-14
Temples Bless the Living and the Dead 1:02 D&C 124:38-41
"Take Especial Care of Your Family" 0:58 D&C 126
We Cannot Be Saved without Our Dead 1:52 D&C 128:17-18
Celestial Marriage Is Essential for Exaltation 1:22 D&C 131:1-4
Marriage and Family Can Endure Forever 2:17 D&C 132:15-24
Holy Spirit of Promise 0:53 D&C 132:19,26
"Go Ye Out of Babylon" 2:27 D&C 133:7-20
We Are Bound to Sustain the Law 1:08 D&C 134
Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration 13:09 D&C 135
Those Who Knew Joseph Best 0:50 D&C 135
Our Pioneer Legacy 1:18 D&C 136:1-11
Tried in All Things 1:47 D&C 136:29-33
Listening to True Prophets 0:47 D&C 136:34-36
Righteous Desires 0:47 D&C 137:5-10
The Dead Awaited the Atonement 0:34 D&C 138:18-37

Church History

Succession in the Presidency 2:13 Church History
Endowed with Power 12:17 Church History
"Strength beyond My Own" 3:47 Church History
Obeying Spiritual Promptings 4:10 Church History
The Joseph Millett Story 6:14 Church History
Long-Promised Day 8:41 Official Declaration
"The Family is Central to the Creator's Plan" 3:21 Church History
"Gender Is An Essential Characteristic" 1:51 Church History
"The Family is Ordained of God" 9:05 Church History
Only a Stonecutter 15:00 Church History
Watched Over by God: Elizabeth Painting's Journey to Zion 16:21 Church History