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  • April Youth Curriculum—The Apostasy and Restoration

    These video segments will help build and strengthen testimonies of the Restoration and enhance April's youth curriculum.

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  • Bible Video—The Naming of John the Baptist

    In this powerful installment of the Bible Videos series, Elisabeth and Zacharias declare their child's name to be John, and Zacharias praises God.

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  • Mormon Message—Bullying: Stop It

    This timely message from President Uchtdorf reminds us that the way we treat others has a profound impact and urges us to stop the practice of pulling others down.

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  • His Sacred Name – An Easter Declaration

    Beautiful photographs of the Savior's Atonement and Resurrection, paired with thought-provoking text and music, set the tone for the Easter season.

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  • April Youth Curriculum

  • Bible Video

  • Mormon Message

  • An Easter Declaration


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