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Learning Compassion

When we are compassionate, we keep our covenant to “bear one another’s burdens” (Mosiah 18:8), which is at the heart of ministering.

See “Reach Out in Compassion,” Ensign, July 2018, 6–9.

What does it mean to have compassion? Compassion is simply seeing someone’s need and wanting to help. Acting on that feeling leads us to do what we can for that person. This is part of our covenant to “bear one another’s burdens” (Mosiah 18:8) and is at the heart of ministering.

In the April 2018 general conference, President Russell M. Nelson taught: “Because it is [the Lord’s] Church, we as His servants will minister to the one, just as He did. We will minister in His name, with His power and authority, and with His loving-kindness.”1

Compassion is a skill we can learn. It takes practice. We can start by being a good listener and imagining how we would feel if we had the same experience as someone else.

As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught in the April 2018 general conference: “We have a heaven-sent opportunity as an entire Church … ‘to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light’ and to ‘comfort those that stand in need of comfort’ [Mosiah 18:8–9], to minister to the widows and the fatherless, the married and the single, the strong and the distraught, the downtrodden and the robust, the happy and the sad—in short, all of us, every one of us, because we all need to feel the warm hand of friendship and hear the firm declaration of faith.”2


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