Sabbath Day (See also Sunday School)

Sacrament (See also Atonement)

Sacrifice (See also Charity, Compassion, Consecration, Diligence, Enduring to the End, Fellowship, Jesus Christ - Example, Kindness, Welfare, Work)

Scriptures (See also Bible, Book of Mormon, Meditation, Truth)

Self-Improvement (See also Commandments, Goals, Knowledge, Learning, Purity, Repentance, Righteousness, Self-Control, Talents, Worthiness)

Service (See also Charity, Commandments, Compassion, Consecration, Diligence, Duty, Fellowship, Friendship, Kindness, Love, Teaching, Welfare, Work)

Sisterhood (See also Charity, Compassion, Fellowship, Friendship, Kindness, Love, Relief Society, Welfare, Women)

Speech (See also Gossip, Moderation, Self-Control)

Spirituality (See also Humility, Jesus Christ - Example, Moderation, Righteousness)

Sunday School (See also Sabbath Day, Teaching)

Supplication (See also Meditation, Prayer, Strength)