All Things Bright and Beautiful

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  1. All things bright and beautiful,
    All creatures great and small,
    All things wise and wonderful,
    The Lord God made them all.
  2. 1. Each little flow'r that opens,
    Each little bird that sings,
    He made their glowing colors,
    He made their tiny wings:
  3. 2. The purple-headed mountain,
    The river running by,
    The sunset and the morning
    That brighten up the sky:
  4. 3. The cold wind in the winter,
    The pleasant summer sun,
    The ripe fruits in the garden,
    He made them ev'ry one:
  5. 4. The tall trees in the greenwood,
    The meadows where we play,
    The rushes by the water
    We gather ev'ry day:
  6. Words: Cecil Frances Alexander, 1818-1895
    Music: Old English tune. Arr. (c) 1989 IRI