Families Can Be Together Forever

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  1. 1. I have a fam'ly here on earth.
    They are so good to me.
    I want to share my life with them through all eternity.
  2. 2. While I am in my early years,
    I'll prepare most carefully,
    So I can marry in God's temple for eternity.
  3. Chorus
    Fam'lies can be together forever
    Through Heav'nly Father's plan.
    I always want to be with my own family,
    And the Lord has shown me how I can.
    The Lord has shown me how I can.
  4. Words: Ruth Muir Gardner, 1927-1999. (c) 1980 IRI
    Music: Vanja Y. Watkins, b. 1938. (c) 1980 IRI