The Holy Ghost

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  1. 1. When Christ was on the earth,
    He promised he would send
    The Holy Ghost to comfort us,
    Our true, eternal friend.
    The Holy Spirit whispers
    With a still small voice.
    He testifies of God and Christ
    And makes our hearts rejoice.
  2. 2. And when we are confirmed
    By sacred priesthood pow’r,
    The Holy Ghost is giv’n to us
    To guide us ev’ry hour.
    Oh, may I always listen
    To that still small voice.
    And with his light I’ll do what’s right
    Each time I make a choice.
  3. Words: Jeanne P. Lawler, b. 1924; alt. © 1977, 1989 IRI
    Music: Jeanne P. Lawler, b. 1924. © 1977 IRI