Carry On

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  1. 1. Firm as the mountains around us,
    Stalwart and brave we stand
    On the rock our fathers planted
    For us in this goodly land--
    The rock of honor and virtue,
    Of faith in the living God.
    They raised his banner triumphant--
    Over the desert sod.
  2. (Chorus)
    And we hear the desert singing:
    Carry on, carry on, carry on!
    Hills and vales and mountains ringing:
    Carry on, carry on, carry on!
    Holding aloft our colors,
    We march in the glorious dawn.
    O youth of the noble birthright,
    Carry on, carry on, carry on!
  3. 2. We'll build on the rock they planted
    A palace to the King.
    Into its shining corridors,
    Our songs of praise we'll bring,
    For the heritage they left us,
    Not of gold or of worldly wealth,
    But a blessing everlasting
    Of love and joy and health.
  4. Unison
  5. Text: Ruth May Fox, 1853-1958. (c) 1948 IRI
    Music: Alfred M. Durham, 1872-1957. (c) 1948 IRI