Come, All Ye Sons of God (Men)

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  1. 1. Come, all ye sons of God who have received the priesthood;
    Go spread the gospel wide and gather in his people.
    The latter-day work has begun:
    To gather scattered Israel in
    And bring them back to Zion to praise the Lamb.
  2. 2. Come, all ye scattered sheep, and listen to your Shepherd,
    While you the blessings reap which long have been predicted.
    By prophets long it's been foretold:
    He'll gather you into his fold
    And bring you home to Zion to praise the Lamb.
  3. 3. Repent and be baptized, and have your sins remitted,
    And get the Spirit's zeal; oh, then you'll be united.
    Go cast upon him all your care;
    He will regard your humble prayer
    And bring you home to Zion to praise the Lamb.
  4. 4. And when your grief is o'er and ended your affliction,
    Your spirits then will soar to await the Resurrection;
    And then his presence you'll enjoy,
    In heav'nly bliss your time employ,
    A thousand years in Zion to praise the Lamb.
  5. Text: Thomas Davenport, 1815-1888
    Music: Orson Pratt Huish, 1851-1932