Help Me Teach with Inspiration

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  1. 1. Help me teach with inspiration;
    Grant this blessing, Lord, I pray.
    Help me lift a soul's ambition
    To a higher, nobler way.
  2. 2. Help me reach a friend in darkness;
    Help me guide him thru the night.
    Help me show thy path to glory
    By the Spirit's holy light.
  3. 3. Fill my mind with understanding;
    Tune my voice to echo thine.
    Touch my hand with gentle friendship;
    Warm my heart with love divine.
  4. 4. Help me find thy lambs who wander;
    Help me bring them to thy keep.
    Teach me, Lord, to be a shepherd;
    Father, help me feed thy sheep.
  5. Text and music: Lorin F. Wheelwright, 1909-1987 (c) 1958, 1985 Lorin F. Wheelwright.