Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love

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  1. 1. Oh, holy words of truth and love
    We hear from day to day,
    Revealed to Saints from God above,
    To guide in heaven's way.
  2. (Chorus)
    Beautiful words of love
    Coming from God above,
    How sweet, how dear the words we hear!
    They're beautiful words of love.
  3. 2. They're from Apostles good and true,
    Whose names we all revere,
    Who daily teach us what to do
    In words of love and cheer.
  4. 3. They're from the prophets God inspires,
    In counsels oft withstood,
    Reproving all our ill desires,
    Commending all that's good.
  5. 4. And from each chosen one that speaks
    By aid the Spirit gives,
    For every sphere of life it seeks,
    For every one that lives.
  6. 5. As gems of wisdom, pure and bright,
    That glow with lustrous ray,
    We'll seek to gain these words of light,
    Their counsels to obey.
  7. Text: Joseph L. Townsend, 1849-1942
    Music: Edwin F. Parry, 1850-1935