Drop by Drop

Drop by Drop

Seminary Music: Doctrine and Covenants

A drop for an act of kindness.

A drop for a righteous deed.

Another drop is given for helping those in need.

A drop of oil is added for ev’ry time we care

For ev’ry hour of selfless service.

For ev’ry pray’r.

And when we take the midnight to go and meet the Lord.

Lamps lit by righteousness lead us to our reward.

Who greets his coming with hope in their eyes?

Who will be ready when the great day arrives?

They with their lamps full

They that are wise.

At his second coming those who will abide

Have let His Holy spirit be their constant guide.

A drop for an act of mercy,

A drop for a gift of love.

And so each drop is added from a loving source above.

A drop of oil is given for ev’ry  time we share

For ev’ry thought of heaven for ev’ry humble prayer.

And when we wake at midnight to go and meet the Lord

Lamps lit by righteous lead us to our reward.

Lamps lit by righteous

Lead us to our reward.

Text:  Steven K. Jones

Music:  Kurt Bestor

Arranged By:  Jason W. Johnson

Artist:  Jenny Frogley and Ron Williams


kindness, service, prayer, preparation, second coming, testimony