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April 1971


The Message:

Decisions: Why It’s Important to Make Some Now
by President Spencer W. Kimball
People and Places
So You Think You Can Drive by Bernell W. Berrett
People on Other Worlds by
Background By Leonard J. Arrington
The Order Is Love By Carol Lynn Pearson
Comments These comments are by Lorin Wheelwright, who served as the play’s producer in its March premier at Brigham Young University’s Mormon Festival of Arts:
Q&A: Questions and Answers
The Spoken Word Richard L. Evans

Vacation Jobs

What to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Job
by Brian Kelly

Vacation Jobs

Finding What Is Available
by Robert Ghoslin

Vacation Jobs

How to Get That Vacation Job
by Lynn Eric Johnson
Conversation with Harmon Killibrew
Policies and Procedures
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