In answer to those letters about writing articles

In the past seven months, we have received many letters from youth asking if they could write an article, a poem, a story, or something they thought would be of interest to New Era readers.

The answer is yes! In fact, we need, want—indeed, the New Era’s format is designed for and must have—articles, poems, fiction, thoughts, photographs, and ideas from its readers, especially youth. The New Era is published for the youth and young adults of the Church, defined by the Church as single persons between the ages of twelve and twenty-six. These are the people who are particularly requested to write letters to “Feedback” (see note above) and to send in articles.

It would seem timely to repeat the announcement given in the January New Era.

“Let it be known worldwide—this is the place for you to send:

“Articles—on gospel topics and insights, contemporary issues, a look at the past, reports on what today’s Latter-day Saint youth is doing and thinking.”

“Fiction and poetry—particularly pieces on our way of life, concerns, and values.

“Photographs—those scenes, settings, and expressions that say something about being young—or being a Latter-day Saint (See page 51.)

“Art—on Latter-day Saint topics, concepts, and our way of life.

“Discoveries—learned from major research projects or theses.

“All else: Humor—incidents about our way of life and our kind of people. (See note on page 37.) Short notes and comments—on anything you think would be interesting and important to other Latter-day Saints around the world; if it is ‘lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.’”

Do we pay for manuscripts used? Yes, by honorarium, from $1 to $100, depending upon the piece. It should be noted that your by-line is also used, and sometimes your picture.

Where do you send things? Our address is always on the contents page. Look for it now beneath the roster of personnel.

Try us out—and soon!



I just finished reading “A Conversation on Things of the Spirit, Pornography, and Certain Kinds of Movies, Books, and Magazines” [May]. I truly appreciate the honesty and perspective with which Dr. Victor Cline and the interviewing students discussed sex, pornography, violence, and our spiritual well-being. This is the most effective article I have read concerning these subjects. From my experience, I can say that pornography is frighteningly addictive. My personal campaign to control my thoughts and reactions sprang from the “instinctual desire to regain my sensitivity to the Lord.” I am thankful that the Holy Ghost and the words and spirit of this article have given me the courage to continue my struggle for dedication to the Lord and peace of mind. A grateful subscriber, I’m a single male, twenty-six years old.

Name Withheld

Love and marriage

I would like to say thank you for a beautiful white magazine that came today, the June issue. I’ve just finished reading it from cover to cover, and I feel so full inside. In fifty-three days I’ll be married. You can’t imagine how much more I love him after reading this and how much closer I feel to my family, even though they won’t be at my wedding because of inactivity. The articles and inspiration are tremendous.

Name Withheld

I just got my June issue today and have already looked it over (that means I haven’t read it yet, but have just looked). I’ve been wanting to write you for a long time, but it just never got around to it. I just read the poems and looked at the photographs in the “Picture of Love.” I think that’s a very good way to express the meaning of love—through poems and pictures.

Davy Hunt
Mountain Grove, Missouri

Handwriting analysis

I was much interested in the short treatment “Handwriting Analysis” [January FYI section], which received its impetus from my master’s thesis and which received further comment in May “Feedback.” The purpose of my thesis was to explore the relationship between a few specific strokes of handwriting and specific personality characteristics as measured by personality inventories, using college students as subjects. As you accurately reported, the findings were negative; however, this study by no means negates the whole field of handwriting analysis. In fact, as a result of research related to my thesis, I am more convinced than ever that one’s personality is definitely expressed in one’s handwriting and that a learned and skilled graphoanalyst can tell a good deal about an individual’s behavioral and emotional tendencies from a page or two of handwriting. However, I feel that additional unbiased experimentation is needed in order to clarify the entire field.

Richard B. Bird
Midvale, Utah

For my inactive parents

I have just read a copy of the New Era, which our seminary teacher let me bring home. Never have I known God lived so much as when I finished reading some of the articles. And the Church is really great for giving us this help. My father and mother were formerly active in the Church and went to the temple, but they do not live as they did once. I showed them this magazine and my father said he’d pay half of the subscription rate. He even read some of the articles about things he likes. So I want to take the magazine as much for him and mother as for myself. As a result of reading some of your articles, I am really going to try to live better and to get my parents active again.

Name Withheld—a girl

What I like

In many ways the New Era is just what I need. I especially enjoy each month the commentary in “Q&A,” “FYI,” and “Policies and Procedures.” Each time I look at these specific departments, it seems as if I receive some answer to some question or interest. They are especially helpful as I realize that I do not know nor could I ever know all there is to know about these topics. I really must say that I enjoy the whole format of the New Era. Each article seems timely.

Louise Hill
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho

From Australia

The April New Era is the first issue of the magazine I have been able to obtain, and I think you have really captured the enthusiasm, the greatness, and the beauty of the gospel spirit throughout the magazine. I am a new convert, and I can see how this publication is guided by the Lord. Being a new member, maybe I’m just still red-hot, but that’s the way I feel.

Bob Ross
Brisbane, Australia