Contest Winner
I wander down a path
with little girl dreams
clutched in one hand
(startling prints in the black snow—
run, hide!
their wisdom
is swallowed in
the whiteness you left behind)
and the makings
of a woman
tucked in my
(chains of the elemental
sparkle-gleam down upon
this who wanders across your pearls)
the mind of me
stutters up the stairs
sometimes choking on a
tear of the past
sometimes stroking
a gem of the Now
and Now-to-come
but always with
my God
sealed into the heart
within me
the new and the old
mingle their
sorrows and sadnesses
the gentle goldens
of the life
my God has given me:
that He and I
shall conquer—
together. …

[photo] Photo by Lori L. Heule, Minneapolis, Minnesota (contest winners)


Contest Winner
You’re such a gentle whisper,
You, with your delicate touch
Of green-laced delight.
You are deceitful!
You feign quiet softness,
But you shout!
Is it the exuberance
Of yellow sun-dappled earth,
Ancient earth that scarce can conceal
The birth of new life
In its brown cool richness?
Shout, Spring,
And let me join in your mad ecstasy!

[photo] Photo by Ron Harris, Provo, Utah (contest winner)