Winners: The 1972 New Era Contest

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Any publication to be read and evaluated by others is a challenge but no publication could be more challenging than one for youth—especially youth in the Church. Youth with talent and testimony, insight and inspiration, relevancy and righteousness. To produce a good publication we naturally go to youth for inspiration. The First Annual New Era Writing, Art, and Photography Contest confirmed the New Era’s faith and confidence in its readers.

Many of the winning entries are included in the pages of this issue. Others will appear in future numbers of the New Era.

Watch for the announcement of the Second Annual New Era Writing, Art, and Photography Contest coming soon.

Proudly we present the winners of that contest.

Scholarships to Brigham Young University:

R. L. Cheney, Cupertino, California, Poetry

Bruce Chapman, Provo, Utah, Photography

Peter Firth, Santa Monica, California, Photography

Katherine J. Howard, Phoenix, Arizona, Poetry

Richard Stum, Provo, Utah, Photography

Lori L. Heule, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Photography

Lorraine Harris, North Logan, Utah, Art

Graham Ambrose, London, England, Photography

Scholarship to Ricks College:

Peggy Wiseman, Rexburg, Idaho, Short Story

Scholarships to Church College of Hawaii

Viviane Tchan Fat, Papeete, Tahiti, Short Story

J. David Milne, Kirrawee, New South Wales, Poetry

George E. Watt, Laie, Hawaii, Short Story

M. Parata, Porirua, New Zealand, Short Story

Cash Prizes

Allen Garns, Los Angeles, California

David Storey, Orem, Utah

Allan Pratt, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Lori Lambson, Sandy, Utah

Wade D. Winters, Los Angeles, California

Vickie Wilkinson

Scott Lewis, Livermore, California

Ray Hawks

Dianne Williams, Salt Lake City, Utah

Gail Coupland, Ontario, Canada

J. R. Knight, Gustavus, Alaska

Doug Martin

Boyde Kirkland, Centerville, Utah

Alan Asay, Salt Lake City, Utah

Timothy Shaw, Whittier, California

Suzanne Lyon

Ken Miller, Castro Valley, California

Judy Swain

Gayle Richards, Los Altos, California

Paul Nibley, Milano, Italy

Steven Lanenga, Alhambra, California

Bruce Park, Davis, California

Howard Post, Tucson, Arizona

Hans E. Hansen, Provo, Utah

Larry Gardner, St. George, Utah

Jerry Prigmore, Orem, Utah

Winston Hurst, Orem, Utah

Gary Thompson

Ann Little, Lincoln, Nebraska

Brian Anderson, Logan, Utah

Dena Parkinson, Rexburg, Idaho

Ellen Hurst, Orem, Utah

Wes Lifferth, Provo, Utah

Linda Steward, Salt Lake City, Utah

John Stauffer, Hyrum, Utah

Joe Heiner, Provo, Utah

McKay Johnson, Mesa, Arizona

McKay Johnson, Mesa, Arizona

Michael Young, Midvale, Utah

Allen Anderson, Laie, Hawaii, Poetry

Brad Barlow

Camilla Marrone, USAF, Europe

Fred M. Dyches, Mesa, Arizona

John Mark Freckleton, Provo, Utah

Jeffrey S. Rowe, Sasebo, Japan

Stuart Hinckley, Salt Lake City, Utah

Rob Jones, Provo, Utah

Bonnie Bruggeman, Tarzana, California

Geoff Curtis, Rexburg, Idaho

Dale D. Glendening, U.S. Army, Europe

J. A. Bowden, Provo, Utah

Flo Fleury, White Rock, B.C., Canada

L. Smith, New Haven, Vermont

Glade Christensen, Salt Lake City, Utah

Tom G. Stoker, Buhl, Idaho

John Bezzant, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Larry Hunt, Provo, Utah

Craig Whitham, Los Angeles, California

Richard Reynolds

Hakai Palm Tappgatan, Borlange, Sweden

Kim Despain, Provo, Utah

Karen Clifton, Seattle, Washington

Dale Willes

Jeffrey T. Winston, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Debbie Carr, Fremont, California

Richard G. Van Buskirk, Long Beach, California

[photos] 1. R. L. Cheney; 2. Bruce Chapman; 3. Peter Firth; 4. Katherine J. Howard; 5. Richard Stum; 6. Lori L. Heule; 7. Lorraine Harris; 8. Peggy Wiseman; 9. Viviane Tchan Fat; 10. J. David Milne; 11. George E. Watt