“Not All That’s Gold Glitters”

Today is the first time I’ve read an issue of the New Era from cover to cover. I loved it. I really identified with Debbie Carr’s story. I only have four young brothers and sisters, but I’ve gone through similar experiences. Her story made me appreciate my family and home more.

Thanks so much for the articles on poetry, I love poetry and am so glad you include it. Maybe some readers are more interested in it now. From now on I won’t stick my New Era under the bed to be read later.

Sherry Bierman
Centralia, Illinois

I just love the New Era. It is so full of enthusiasm. I keep reading it over and over, and I never get tired of it.

In the August issue the story “Not All That’s Gold Glitters” was so cute. We have six children and a mom and dad, and that story reminds me so much of our family—how disorganized we get at times. Whoever wrote that story is sure talented.

Thanks for printing the New Era.

Lisa White
Grants Pass, Oregon

My marine battalion is currently deployed in the Mediterranean Sea; consequently the New Era keeps me in contact with the Church and all its activities. It is a great magazine.

Congratulations to Debbie Carr for her story “Not All That’s Gold Glitters.” I passed it around to several fellow servicemen and they really enjoyed it. It brought back memories.

George Dunnigan
USS Trenton

“A Tithing Child”

I can’t remember having been as impressed over a written eulogy as I was regarding the one you did in the New Era. “A Tithing Child” was a most fitting tribute to the late prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith. Seldom have I seen the essence of a human personality captured on paper as Brother Smart managed to accomplish it in that piece.

Robert S. Fotheringham
Salt Lake City


I very much enjoyed the presentation on haiku poetry. I felt that the examples of the old masters’ works were well chosen and were presented with good historical background. Most important, the author encouraged her readers to try writing haiku for themselves, the better to see the beauty around them.

I originally wrote haiku as an integral part of my diary. While each poem is complete in itself, I usually added some prose details about who I was with and where I happened to be when each poem was written. I am submitting the following pieces.

“Tall mountain above

Old bent pine tree down below

Empty winding path.”

“Dusk in high mountains

Clouds and fog lend eerie light

No sun, moon, or stars.”

“Green candle burning

Faint pine scent floating upwards

The glowing stillness.”

Michael Sloane

LaVerne, California


Thanks so much for this wonderful magazine. For those of us in this part of the vineyard so far from the center of the Church, this magazine helps to enlighten us on the up-to-date happenings in the Church. This is but another way for the Lord to inform his children of the way to live his teachings and love this true gospel.

Cathy A. Johnson
Cambridge, Maryland

“Literature and Testimony”

How grateful I am that you printed Arthur H. King’s talk. I was deeply moved by his insights.

Many questions I had on this subject are answered. The relationship between our church and true art is clarified, and I am now reading the life of Jesus Christ with expanded appreciation and application. Thank you. My testimony has been strengthened.

Robert Peterson
Sherman Oaks, California

September issue said it all

You said it all in the September New Era: “What Would Jesus Do?”—inspiring, beautiful; “Political Campaigns and You”—enlightening; “Astrophysics and the Gospel”—fantastic; “Minorities”—a revelation of love; “Shawn Davis”—exciting example of gospel living. Each issue gets progressively better as the New Era speaks out on every aspect of truth and love. Keep up the good work.

Linda Mahoney
Chula Vista, California

June’s family issue

We were excited, of course, to receive some mail the other day, but even more than that, we were thrilled to discover the June issue of the New Era among our letters.

As sister missionaries in the Germany South Mission we work a great deal with families and the family home evening program, mainly with members of the Church. Both of us are privileged to be members of large, faithful families, so the articles about the family had a special meaning for us. While doing the daily things that need to be done (dishes) and later walking along the cobblestone streets of old Bamberg, we finished the issue that first day and only wished there were more. It left us with a feeling of great love and appreciation for the family unit. We both have strong testimonies of the importance of eternal family ties.

The article entitled “You’re My Family?!! or ‘Hello, Mr. Brown, I’m Elder …’” was particularly applicable in our non-family family situation. This magazine (along with the others) is inspiring and helps to direct us in our efforts to return with our families into his presence.

Sisters Edamarie Schumann and Shirley Smith
Germany South Mission

Deals with today

How much I enjoy the New Era. Especially the poetry, the article about modesty, and other things dealing with the problems of today.

Rennett Swenson
Salinas, California

The New Era helps

I really like the New Era and the things that it contains. It helps me a lot as a missionary, and you need help like this when you are serving the Lord.

Elder Duane Baxter
England North Mission

I’d like to say thanks for the beautiful New Era that is sent to me each month. While I was away at school, the conversations often centered around some worthwhile article or story in the magazine.

Kristy Bodily
Salt Lake City, Utah

I would like to compliment you on the fine job you are doing each month with the New Era. I find the Q&A: Questions and Answers section most valuable to me as a missionary, because we are teaching several high school and college-aged young people.

Kevin A. Auernig
California South Mission

I really enjoy the New Era and am sure the magazine is influencing many nonmembers. My brother said that it really helped him to do what is right when he was staying out of state with my grandparents and there were not many Latter-day Saints for him to associate with.

Kathy Cram
Midvale, Utah

The Spirit is undeniable

Since being in the Air Force, I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of fascinating youth resources. The New Era is excellent! One of the best youth offerings on the market—and the spirit of it is undeniable. Thank you!

Chaplain Russell L. Osmond
Biloxi, Mississippi