This was a special day in the life of Mark Newman. The sacred opportunity of sustaining a new prophet in last October’s solemn assembly was a special privilege for him. This great experience was framed by the other things that Mark’s Fridays have a way of requiring.

He had breakfast while catching a few more moments of study, then uttered a prayer about his part in the great assembly, and later, after the solemn assembly, he hurried to his math class at the University of Utah. All in a day’s experience, but a very special day after all.

[photos] Photos by Eldon Linschoten

[photo] Mark catches a few moments of study during breakfast on the morning of the solemn assembly

[photo] A morning prayer for a solemn occasion

[photos] With a recently broken foot, preparations to go are a little more difficult

[photo] Leaving early for the solemn assembly

[photo] Mark hurries to the Tabernacle to find his seat

[photo] He listens intently to the instructions of President Tanner

[photo] Sustaining a prophet

[photo] In a crowd of Saints leaving the temple grounds

[photo] From sustaining a prophet to math exam—a busy but very special day

[photos] Mark hurries to his class