Hurrah for missionaries

The June Missionary issue was terrific from cover to cover. Each story seemed more beautiful than the last as I read on. As a convert of four years I didn’t really know too much about missionaries and their schedules and activities. Their dedication, humility, and love shown through the various articles filled my eyes with tears and my heart with love and appreciation for each one of them. I wish you could print more stories from and about missionaries. They’re so fascinating and build my testimony so much.

Valerie Call
Westlake Village, California

I just received my copy of the June New Era today, and I have read it from cover to cover. What a beautiful issue! I have never been so impressed with one issue before. From the very special article by LeGrand Richards on through the entire magazine, it was filled with beautiful experiences, stories, information, and advice. I learned more about missionaries from this one issue of the New Era than I have ever learned from any other source.

Janice Richards

“Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion”

I would like to thank Brother Gordon C. Thomasson for the article “Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion” in the April New Era. It really pointed out forcibly to me the importance of Christ-like love and total unselfish giving of oneself. As a missionary I can see that these qualities are of great worth and should be sought after.

Dennis C. Hatch
Bylas, Arizona

I really enjoyed “Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion.” Now I feel the need to give unselfish love to those around me.

Cindy Hopkinson
Byron, Wyoming

Gracias, amigos

As a missionary here in Mexico I am faced with rather special situations, one of which is the frequent need to ride alone in buses from city to city. The mission rules state that we must never be without a “companion,” so I always take along the New Era to keep me company on the long, lonely rides through the night. Gracias, amigos.

Elder Sterling Robin Smith
Mexico North Mission

Apocalyptic praise

My husband and I greatly enjoyed reading Brother Reed Durham’s article on the book of Revelation in the May New Era. His insights and background are most helpful to those, like ourselves, who have long been fascinated and perplexed by the intricacies of that book. We hope to see more similar articles.

Kathy Snow
Lawton, Oklahoma

Jolly good show

I really love your magazine and can only say “Keep up the good work!” All of us who work in the Leeds Stake MIA welcome the New Era and look to it for guidance and inspiration.

Christine Wainhouse
Luddersfield, Yorkshire, England

A testimony

Just a note to thank you for the inspiring messages and timely information so helpful to my studies. As you know a mission is a great time of spiritual growth, a time of hard work, study, pondering, and praying. The New Era has played a very important part in inspiring me to do the work of the Lord. I was especially touched by the marvelous words of President S. Dilworth Young in his article “Having Been Born of Goodly Parents.” It, along with humbling communication with the Lord, has helped me more strongly realize the importance of modern-day prophets. I would like to add my testimony to the many others that I know that President Harold B. Lee is a prophet, seer, and revelator. He was chosen by the Lord himself to guide and direct the Saints through inspiration and revelation. He is a prophet just like Moses, Nephi, Mormon, or Joseph Smith himself.

Elder David N. Muecke
Germany Central Mission

Enough is enough

I have read the comments in the “Feedback” section concerning the New Era being too short, and I disagree! Please keep it short! I sent the New Era to my nonmember sister as a Christmas gift. She is not an avid reader and the New Era is just right for her. The New Era is a perfect length, with plenty of delightful, colorful pictures. It’s easy to read and short!

Susan I. Rich
Rexburg, Idaho

Into the sunset

I’m traveling by car with friends through central Victoria, New South Wales, and through Queensland on the way home to Brisbane from holidays in Melbourne. The country is beautiful! I love the shades and shapes and colors of the Australian landscape, but my attention was wholly absorbed by the recently arrived Church magazines! I put them down finally to watch the glorious sunset (the best sunsets in the world), but thanks to the spiritual mood of the New Era my appreciation of the master creativity of our God was heightened.

Each issue brings me new delight. The fantasy “Cyrano de Cybernet” was really fantastic and helped the hypocrite in me to do some stock-taking. The articles appeal to different interests with the same results—helping the readers draw close to God. The New Era is the only instrument I can use to get most of my nonmember friends interested in the Church.

Cherie Anne West
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Why not a thought book?

I was truly blessed yesterday to hear from a prophet of the Lord. As President Lee came in and left the meeting with his lovely wife, I could not help thinking of the suggestion in the New Era that we not seek the autographs of Church leaders. Then, as I was reviewing my notes from President and Sister Lee’s talks this morning, I thought, why couldn’t each one of us maintain a thought book or a quote book instead of keeping a collection of autographs from the General Authorities? Their main purpose is to deliver messages from God, and their autograph has little to do with this. It seems to me that a collection of thoughts or sayings from each General Authority one has heard would mean much more personally and spiritually in the years to come. I’m starting mine today!

Steven Lyre
Pocatello, Idaho

Different but good

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed “Cyrano de Cybernet.” It was very different, but it had a good lesson. I find the New Era is great for sharing with friends my age who are interested in the Church.

Cheri Dorgan
North Haven, Connecticut

A pleasant change

May I just say how much I enjoy the New Era? I read it from cover to cover each month as soon as I get it, and the articles have given me many ideas tor talks. I’m eighteen years old and am planning on serving a mission when I am nineteen. You can be sure I’ll have my Era’s with me then.

Keep producing the magazine. There are a lot of faithful youth here in England who still like to read good, wholesome stories, but even the newspapers carry smutty pictures, and the advertising industry is even worse. So it’s a pleasant change to read a magazine that teaches youth the gospel and tells us what we can do to help our community.

The articles on various careers and about how to get a job I found very interesting. In fact I always use the plan for the application letter given in the May 1972 issue. It’s never failed me yet!

D. W. Stephenson
Darlington, Co. Durham, England

“After the Manner of Their Language”

I want to give you one very big thank you for the articles by Richard H. Cracroft and Neal E. Lambert. I just finished reading “After the Manner of Their Language” while riding on the Strassenbahn (streetcar) and was so affected I felt I had just attended a concert. I am so grateful that there are those with a talent for expressing themselves on paper so that those of us who have difficulty expressing ourselves can still share the feelings and beauties of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt much closer to the prophets tonight, and I could feel more intensely not only their testimonies but also what they had to endure to receive them.

Sister Elizabeth Erikson
Munich, Germany