“I don’t have to crawl”

After reading your July 1973 issue, I felt that I had to write regarding the article “Mr. Blackwell Interview.” Normally I enjoy the New Era very much, and I am shocked that you would stoop to publishing such a repugnant article. I am not a radical feminist, but I take offense at Mr. Blackwell’s intimation that women are mentally and physically inferior. Mr. Blackwell’s narrow-mindedness made it readily apparent who was really inferior mentally. Being a woman is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I don’t have to crawl to enjoy it. Women’s lib is not a disaster, Mr. Blackwell; you are!

Valerie Pawson
New York

Top priority

I want to thank you for your marvelous June issue. It really helps me to see the experiences that other missionaries have in other parts of the world. I look forward eagerly every month to receiving my copy of the New Era. I put aside my regular study materials until I have read the New Era from cover to cover.

Elder Michael R. Evans
Guatemala—El Salvador Mission

The great plan

Here on these little islands lost in the middle of the sea, seeing other missionaries or leaders so rarely, I sometimes lose track a little bit of the great plan of the Lord and see only my little part. Thank you for the New Era and the help many articles give us in realizing how this is really the great plan of the Lord. We can catch a better sight of “the big picture.” I’m grateful to know English so I am able to read such literature.

Elder Jacques Gohier
French Polynesia Mission

Still singing

“I Sing for Fun” in the October issue really hit home with me. I cannot sing! At school my roommates worked with me, and when—in the middle of a song—they would say, “You got that note,” I felt just great! Sometimes I wonder what those sitting around me think, but it doesn’t matter to me. In my heart the notes are right, and I’m so happy that I just can’t hold back! Isn’t the heart where it really counts with our Heavenly Father anyway?

Something special about the New Era is that in almost every issue there is a name or a picture of someone I love—I love them because I know them personally.

Still singing,

Bonnie Robertson
Mooresville, Indiana

Readin’, writin’, and other arrangements

I can’t thank you enough for the articles on the Church schools in the October issue. Before I read them I was unsure about how to arrange a college education and a mission. Those articles answered all my questions and solved my arrangement problem.

Randy Compton
Milton, Florida


I was shocked and amazed to read in the article “LDS Business College” (October 1973 issue) that men are encouraged to take secretarial courses so that they can obtain jobs that illegally discriminate in their favor. Those companies that hire a male secretary for $100 to $200 a month more starting salary than a female secretary with exactly the same training should be reported to the State Commission on Discrimination.

Jeniel Metcalf
Minot ABF, North Dakota

Mary Alice Cannon Lambert

I am sure that the picture on page 13 of the November New Era is not Susa Young Gates but my great-grandmother Mary Alice Cannon Lambert, older sister of George Q. Cannon and a remarkable women in her own right.

Norma H. Crowther
Salt Lake City, Utah

You’re right. Thanks for bringing this error to the attention of the New Era and our source in the Historical Department of the Church. Although enlightened, we’re still not sure that we could tell these fine sisters apart as the following photographs illustrate. Editor.

Finding friends

During my first year at Brigham Young University I made some close friendships with young men who were planning to go on missions the following year. After school was over and we left to go home, I knew only the missions these friends were sent to and not the addresses. I would like to thank you for the June issue of the New Era. It helped me very much in finding these elders and getting in touch with them. The talks in it were great too.

Cynthia Billen
Millbrae, California

Well on my way

I am not a member of the LDS Church, but with the help of several fantastic elders, the Mormons in Yuma, Arizona, and a boy named B. Case, I’m well on my way. In the short while that I have been connected with the Church, I have felt better than ever and much closer to the heavenly family. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me in the faith and also to the New Era.

Wanda Lister
Salem, Illinois

Susa Young Gates

Mary Alice Cannon Lambert