“I Love You, Earth”

I usually take the opportunity to read my teenagers’ magazines. In the January 1974 issue of the New Era I read an excellent, comprehensive article “I Love You, Earth” by Ronald M. Bitton. If youth, leaders, and parents would heed the fine advice in this article, our environment would indeed be beautiful and protected.

Bruce B. Hronek
Forest Supervisor
Uinta National Forest
Provo, Utah


As a missionary I really appreciate the New Era. It’s not only a great teaching aid, but it helps the missionary in his own life. It’s almost like having your own personal letter from all the youth of the Church. Also, after our missions we still have school, marriage, and many other very important milestones ahead, and the New Era helps us prepare to live a full life hand in hand with the gospel.

Elder Jay Rhodes
Mexico Mission

A new dimension

Each copy of the New Era helps open a new dimension to things I have learned and adds to the knowledge I am seeking.

Elder John Richards
Rapid City, South Dakota


I have found a great deal of help and guidance in your October 1973 issue on the Church Educational System and life planning. As a high school junior with many important decisions facing me, I found the information especially helpful.

Dale K. Bills
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

It’s a book, it’s a magazine, it’s …

The New Era is a great youth magazine. It’s not just a magazine to me, though; it’s an inspirational book of the true thoughts of people around the world, and to me that’s not just a regular magazine. I really enjoy the feedback from other young people.

Barbara Anderson
Garden Grove, California

An error

I believe there is an error in “The Martyrdom” in the December New Era. On page 23 the article states: “… Willard Richards is trying to knock the rifle barrels to the floor with his cane. …” B. H. Roberts states in the Comprehensive History of the Church that it was John Taylor who did this: “… Elder Taylor took his place next to the door and with Markham’s heavy walking stick parried the guns as they were thrust through the doorway and discharged.” (Vol. 2, p. 285.)

Jan Cox
Walnut Creek, California

A personal friend

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful December issue centering around Joseph Smith’s life! I never really “knew” him, but now I feel like a personal friend of the Prophet. I especially liked “The Martyrdom.” It really enlightened me. I am now more thankful for the Prophet Joseph’s life and for the Church.

Teresa Thayne
Littleton, Colorado

Where was the magic?

I want you to know that I still love the New Era dearly, but I was disappointed in your December 1973 issue. You seemed to mention Christmas only in passing. The articles on Joseph Smith were all good, and the pictures in the center were very effective, but where was the magic of Christmas?

Cathy Jeanne
Las Vegas, Nevada

Cold and rainy and warm

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon here, and I’ve just finished reading several back issues of the New Era. Thanks for a couple of hours filled with laughter and tears.

Donna Baker
Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, Scotland

The joy of sacrifice

I especially enjoyed the story written by Elder Rex D. Pinegar in the December magazine. It really impressed upon my mind the true joy of any sacrifice we make to help others enjoy life. Many thanks to Elder Pinegar; he is one of the great leaders we have in the Church. I should know—he’s my mission president!

Elder Dan Lloyd
Virginia Mission

The empty room

I was alone, waiting for my companion to return from a change up north. As I looked around the empty room I noticed the package that we had just received from the mission office. On top of the package was the November issue of the New Era. As I began thumbing through its pages, my eye caught the title “A Great and Marvelous Work—Latter-day Voices of the Doctrine and Covenants.” No article could have been more inspiring. It seemed as if the Lord’s words to the Prophet Joseph were to me: “My son, peace be unto thy soul. …” (D&C 121:7.) We had just started reading the Doctrine and Covenants in our study class, and this article gave me extra insight into “our book,” “a great and marvelous work.”

Elder Merrill R. Dougal
Chile Mission


The New Era is so excellent that I would be willing to pay $5 instead of $3 per year for it. In fact, the material in it is priceless. I really liked the Mormonad about Susa Young Gates in the November issue.

Cynthia Cornett
Allen Park, Michigan


Mormonisms are funny.

Twila Sprague
Williamsport, Indiana

Best wishes, Brad

I just finished reading “How Far Is 49 Yards?” in the January New Era. What an inspiring person Brad Cordery must be. I wanted to write him a letter and congratulate him on his accomplishments and courage, but since I don’t have his address, I hope he reads this in the New Era. I’ve always set goals but have never worked hard to reach them all. But after reading Brad’s story, I’m determined to do better. Brad, best wishes and good luck in everything you do!

Judy Rucker
Long Beach, California

@#&##!!! = $$$$$

We just got our November New Era, and I especially enjoyed “If This Happened Tomorrow—What Would You Do” concerning bad language. My husband is in the U.S. Army, and friends often visit him and use this kind of language in our home. At first I was afraid to say anything to them for fear of offending them, but I think I have found a solution. I made a little box, and everyone who curses in my home has to put a nickel in it. Everyone’s name is on the box, and each time someone slips he gets a mark by his name. At first it was just a joke, but now if one of them sees that he is way ahead of the others, he sure watches his language. The money we get is given to the bishop to be used for a good cause. Perhaps this system could help another family or individual too.

Monika Hiett
Darmstadt, Germany

$500 Dollhouse

We of the Valley View Sixth Ward Aaronic Priesthood MIA would like to thank you for giving us a great idea for a service project. We built a dollhouse from the plans you published in the December 1972 New Era and donated it to the Festival of Trees, which is a charitable benefit. The house was sold for $500, and the money went to the Primary Children’s Hospital. We are enclosing a picture of the finished product. Thanks again.

Myrna Ure, Terrie Anderson, Helen Biesinger, Tina Waldram, Marianne Gronning, Ellen Cannon, Jan Currey, Kathy Clark, Helen Pergler, Lloyd Berentzen
Salt Lake City, Utah