Tall Can Grill

by Dian Thomas

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    This is the second in a series of articles by Dian Thomas on methods of outdoor cooking and is adapted from her new book Roughing It Easy.

    The tall can grill is a quick method of barbecuing meats that have a small amount of fat.

    Equipment: One five-gallon metal honey or storage can, one 10 1/2-by-10 1/2-inch cookie-cooling rack (do not use galvanized screen or a refrigerator rack as they have a toxic substance on them), one water spray bottle, one pancake turner, and a few sections of newspaper (do not use colored newspaper as it is coated with a harmful, toxic substance).

    Steps: Cut vents about one inch by three inches in opposite sides of the can about three inches from the bottom. Cut on three sides and bend tin upward. An old knife and hammer or tin snips will do the job. Roll and twist sections of newspaper into small logs and fill the can about one-fourth full. Crumple a single sheet of newspaper, place on top, and light. Place cookie-cooling rack on can and begin to cook. Fat drippings from the meat add fuel to the fire and keep the newspaper burning. Flames should just touch the meat; if they burn too high, spray the flames down with water from a spray bottle and/or close the side vents at the bottom of the can. Turn the meat as needed. One packing of newspaper in the can will cook 8 to 12 hamburgers.

    A five-gallon metal honey or storage can, cookie-cooling rack, spray bottle, pancake turner, and newspaper are needed in tall can cooking

    Newspapers should be rolled and twisted into small logs

    A cut-out side view of the can shows placement of newspapers

    If flames burn too high, spray them with water and/or close the side vents at the bottom of the can