A lesson in forgiveness

Hurrah for Elder Michael L. Clark (July Feedback). He and I think a lot alike. I also want to thank Elder Marion D. Hanks for his message in the June issue, “Even As Christ Forgave.” He inspired me to forgive a special person in my life. This person and I are now reinstating our once-flourishing friendship. He has a lot to offer to the world, and with God’s help he is beginning to use his talents. Elder Hanks’s article helped me to understand and accept him.

Kim Ellis
Bountiful, Utah

The world that lives in us

How thankful I am to the New Era, which is an inspiring companion to me. It surely does my spirit good when I read the articles over and over again, because an ounce of example is worth a ton of precept. Surely the world we live in is but the world that lives in us! The pages of the New Era not only give us valuable literature but also valuable insight into the gospel way of life.

Chloë-Anne Shepherd
Cwmbran, Wales

Get a lock

I recently received my June New Era and was delighted to find the article “Some Free-Wheeling Tips on Biking” by Rodger Dean Duncan. I think it will help fuel the great bike boom taking place across the United States and Europe. I noticed with some distress, however, that the author had overlooked mentioning the importance of keeping a bicycle locked when not in use. I have lost two bicycles to thieves, one because I didn’t use a lock and one because my lock was inadequate. As the article suggested, a bicycle should be a lifetime investment, but you can’t keep it for a lifetime if some poor, weak soul gives into covetousness and finds your two wheels under him. Don’t tempt your weaker brethren.

Get a good lock and use it.

Scotty McHardy
Heidelberg, Germany


Ever since I read “Home Cooking” by Jack Weyland, I’ve been watching the New Era for more of his stories. “Charly” was no disappointment. Not only was it the best story I’ve ever read in the New Era, but it’s the best piece of fiction I remember reading anywhere! I’ve been casing my back issues (both of them!) looking for more of his work, but haven’t found anything. I also enjoyed the article on the Playmill Theater. There are a great many things going on among Mormons in the entertainment media that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. I’d like to see more articles like this. I was also very pleased to read the biographical sketch of Samuel Chambers. His story is one that I’ve often hoped could be assembled and shared with others. All in all the June 1974 issue was the best I’ve seen to date.

Alan Rock Waterman
Milan, Missouri

“On the Cover of the New Era”

The youth of the St. Paul Third Ward in Minnesota would like to thank you for the New Era. Our ward members read it each month and enjoy it very much. In fact, we like the New Era so well that we decided to use it in our roadshow “On the Cover of the New Era.” In the roadshow we tell everyone that even though our ward is small, it’s very special and friendly. We picked the New Era for our theme because it’s special too. We’re happy to report that “On the Cover of the New Era” took first place in our stakewide competition.

The Youth of the St. Paul Third Ward
St. Paul, Minnesota

Every member a …

The New Era is truly an inspiration. I really enjoy reading the Feedback section. The letters help strengthen my testimony. I joined the Church in October of 1973, and my testimony has been growing ever since. My parents and brothers are investigators, and through this I have learned to appreciate missionary work. Let’s remember that every member should be a missionary.

Donna De Stasio
West Reading, Pennsylvania

Con cariño

We are working near the Argentina International Airport, and on some days we talk to many English-speaking businessmen as they wait for their flights. The New Era really helps us introduce the Church to these people. Thank you con todo nuestro cariño.

Elders Preece, Greenland, Noël, and Owens
Buenos Aires South Mission

Wasatch woes

I just finished reading the July issue, and I must admit that I enjoyed the article “Ride.” I feel, however, that most of the service projects and activities reported in the New Era are about kids from the Wasatch Front. I’m proud of Utah and enjoy hearing about it, but I’m sure that readers from other areas would like to read about their activities too. I too would like to read about faraway people and places. I love the New Era because the articles strengthen my testimony and make my love for the Church, its activities, and its members grow.

C. S.
Salt Lake City, Utah

For everyone

Ever since I joined the Church I have felt that the New Era is a great book for everyone in the world. It makes my testimony grow even stronger. I eagerly look forward to receiving the New Era each month, and I always read it immediately.

Elder Mani Seangsuwan
Bangkok Thailand Mission

It’s more fun helping

One month ago I turned 13, and my mom wanted me to start reading the New Era, so I started looking through some old copies. In the April 1973 issue I read an article called “Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion,” which explained that we should never stop giving—not gifts of money but of service to others. All my life my sister had helped me and I had never helped her. Just then she walked into the room and said she had to get the dishes done in half an hour and that she was too tired to do them. Right then I told her I would do them, but of course, she wouldn’t let me do them alone; she had to help.

In the last month my sister and I have become very close. We have been sneaking around helping each other and doing our work together. You know, it’s a lot more fun helping someone. Before it was just me trying to keep the commandments, but now it’s both of us. My sister has told me how much she appreciates me bringing her closer to the Lord. I don’t think it was me so much as it was the New Era.

Name Withheld