Footprints of a Prophet

by Lowell Durham, Jr.

Associate Editor

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    I had wanted to follow

    Because a prophet had walked there,

    Even though the snow and silence were

    Reason enough for a walk through

    The quiet crispness of this winter evening.

    I was grateful for the snow

    Because I could see his footprints there,

    And I measured my own against his,

    Fitting my foot to his footprint,

    Falling short, but hoping and building,

    Example by example, precept upon precept,

    Following on the footprints of a prophet.

    As I watched and stretched step by step,

    Assurance flowed liquid over

    The quiet cushion of snow,

    A sure but quiet testimony

    That here are the footprints of a prophet—

    Follow them.

    Photo by Royce Bair