It’s catching

I was one of the kids who was able to perform at Expo ’74, and “Catch a Happy Feeling” in the November New Era brought back some beautiful memories. It brought tears to my eyes when I thought how lucky I was to be able to sit at President Kimball’s feet and listen to his words of wisdom. The spirit was beautiful when we sang to him. “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet” will be my favorite hymn from now on. I was able to shake the prophet’s hand. I seem to forget my spiritual blessings so quickly, and your article brought some of them back to me. Thank you so much.

Anne Beagley
Bremerton, Washington

Thank you for the memories you brought back to me in the November New Era. I am one of the California Ballroom Dancers who performed at Expo ’74. I met most of the Grandland Singers, Johnny Whitaker and his sister, and most important of all, I was able to shake hands with President Kimball. I vividly remember trying to sing “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet” in a group of 12 kids, ages 8 to 14, member and nonmember alike. Not one of us was able to sing; we were all crying. Your article brought a few tears.

Jeff Hamilton
Modesto, California

I very much enjoyed the article about Expo ’74 in the November New Era. Were you aware of the fact that on page 24 of that issue there was one group identified as the Grandland Singers that was actually part of the Spokane Regional Mormon Expo Choir? This bi-stake choir, composed of about 115 people, sang many times at the fair. The choir was also part of the Pioneer Week activities, and there were a number of young people who were a part of the choir.

Linda Bean
Spokane, Washington

A Different Kind of Music

Getting the New Era in the mail can make my glummest days sunny. I read each New Era so often that I practically have them memorized. I have just finished reading the November 1974 issue and loved every article, especially “Brothers on and off the Road: A Different Kind of Music.” It was special to me because I have a six-year-old cousin who was born totally deaf. I also have an adopted Korean cousin who is totally deaf.

I love the Osmonds. It makes me proud when people associate me with them and the Church. It is a challenge to live up to their example. One of my closest nonmember friends is the greatest fan of theirs who ever lived. Through their records they have set the door ajar for me to teach my friend about the gospel. Thank you, Osmonds. I love to share the gospel, and you make it easier to get the point across about our divine mission here on earth.

Lori Livingston
Boulder, Colorado

I think the article about the Osmonds in the November New Era was fantastic. The article really opened my eyes to how much brotherly love is needed in this world. I think what the Osmonds are doing is super. Everyone should have a chance to work in an organization like this. It would open our hearts and minds to the less fortunate. As a member of the Church I already had a feeling for the concept of brotherly love, but this article showed me one of the best ways of showing that love.

Alexandra Lee
Winnetka, Illinois

R.M. recycling

The New Era really helps us in the work here in England. Our investigators are always impressed by the good, clean magazine that our Church publishes for the youth. We would like you to know that the article on tie-dyeing in the October issue was really great. It gave us missionaries some ideas about what to do with our white shirts when we get home.

Elders Dean Kleinman and Jeffery Summerhays
England Bristol Mission

A friend named Phyllis

I just finished reading the November New Era, and I feel so good! I want everyone to know that I have a friend named Phyllis who introduced me to the New Era. I love her very much. I love all of you who are reading this too. I’m so glad to be a member of the Church, and I want everyone to know it.

Cheryl Frey
Topeka, Kansas

It’s true

We really enjoyed the November New Era, especially the Message by Franklin D. Richards, “Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven.” It’s really true, especially out here in the mission field. We also enjoyed the story “Hasty.” It demonstrated love of fellowman and some of the ways in which every member can be a missionary.

Elders James C. Rogers and Wesly Dana
Colorado Denver Mission

Explosive reading

I have never written to a magazine before, but if I’m ever going to, it might as well be to one of the best. The New Era is so good that I’m about to bust open.

Brenda Cartwright
Bloomington, Indiana

Westwood is beautiful

I had to laugh at the way my hometown was described in “Among My People Again.” Los Angeles is just not all that bad. Brother Al-Sarraj describes skies shrouded in gray smog and buildings that thrust themselves upward into unfriendly gloom. Right now I’m attending BYU, and the smog here is as bad as I’ve ever seen it in Westwood. Westwood is beautiful!

Thomas John Matthews
Provo, Utah

Two years in two months

Thank you for the most fruitful and helpful magazine I’ve ever read. Before entering the mission field I had very seldom read the New Era. Upon arriving in the field I found many older issues of the New Era and soon found myself enjoying every article. In the past couple of months I’ve caught up on two years of very enjoyable reading. Although it takes two months for the New Era to get to me, you can bet it’s a very welcome sight. I’m surprised at how often we use it in our missionary work.

Elder Tim Guy Cordner
Norway Oslo Mission

Written for me

Last evening our copy of the December 1974 New Era came. The Message “Salvation Is My Goal” by Elder Hugh B. Brown was so in keeping with our last Sunday’s Gospel Doctrine class, I could hardly believe the article wasn’t written for me as a teacher. We had left our discussion Sunday with some questions about why we have to endure so much here. Needless to say, Elder Brown answered them. I was inspired by the words, “If we banish hardship, we banish hardihood; out of the same door with calamity walk courage, fortitude, triumphant faith, and sacrificial love. If we abolish the cross in the world, we make impossible the Christ in man.” I have called nearly every member of the class. They must each read either their copy or mine!

Would it be possible to let Elder Brown somehow know that his great love, testimony, and knowledge have helped each of us here? He and his dear wife have been the source of inspiration to so many of us.

Yvonne P. Rempp
Yerrington, Nevada

Hot shots

Our congratulations to the New Era photographers who always do an excellent job. Many of the pictures in the October issue were particularly outstanding.

Elders Steve Baxter and Kirkman Gardiner
Ohio Columbus Mission

The extra mile

I enjoy the New Era very much. The November issue was so good that I actually sat down and read it!

Beverly Tinker
Blanco, New Mexico

A great comfort

I love the New Era. I look for it eagerly each month because it is a great comfort and helps me to face my pressure-filled job with a renewed spirit each week.

Joanna McEwen
New Castle, Pennsylvania