Selected Poetry and Photography Winners 1975

by Margery Stockseth

This year the New Era presents selected winners in the poetry and photography categories of the contest. Once again, more photographs were received than entries in all other categories combined. Many of the photographs have been kept for use in this and future issues of the New Era. The photographs and poetry on these pages are not only winners, but are also representative of the quality and variety of the work submitted. All entrants in the New Era Writing, Art, and Photography Contest should be commended for the quality, depth, and sensitivity of their work.

[photo] Photo by Randy Gerke

[photo] Photo by George Higginson

[photo] Photo David E. Marks

A Child’s Poem: A Fairy in a Jar

I walk the fields, I walk the woods,
My boots have traveled far.
I cannot rest till I bring home
A fairy in a jar.
I’ve learned to move without a sound;
I’ve learned to watch and wait.
I’ve seen them in the purple wood
Beyond the garden gate.
When the moon, like a pale blue circle,
Slides into the sky,
The fairies all begin to dance
In the darkening woods nearby.
The trees are black and lavender,
The flowers ghostly white,
The fairy’s fluttering, flittering wings
Shine silver in the night.
I’ve watched them, and I’ve heard them sing
Underneath the moon.
I’ve reached and nearly touched them,
But they flit away too soon.
I walk the fields, I walk the woods,
My boots have traveled far.
I cannot rest till I bring home
A fairy in a jar.

[photo] Photo by Richard Rose


Water falling down,
thundering the wilderness—
silence is speaking.

[photo] Photo by Kim Hoover

[photo] Photo by Kevin Merrell

After All

Spanish moss hangs
from every branch,
Tattered clothing
on the old tree
That has seen so much
Between brothers,
Silent observers
Watching God’s children
fight it out
to accomplish
After all,
Gray Spanish moss
still sways in the breeze.

[photo] Photo Kevin Merrell

[photo] Photo by David E. Marks

[photo] Photo by Bryan Kuntz

[photo] Photo by Paul Barnes


And he said he’d
kinda like to take
me out
and I said
for a date
and he said
he guessed so
and then
I said
all right
and we went
came back
very quickly.

His Name Was Michelangelo

And he could make
cold marble breathe
with just a chisel
and a hand
that felt.

[photo] Photo by Kevin Merrell

[photo] Photo by Jeffrey E. Niven