America the Beautiful

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    This year, as America celebrates 200 years as a free nation, the New Era presents a special photographic essay in thanks for what she means to all of us. America has many faces: her mountains, forests, and fertile valleys; her cities, towns, and homes; her majesty; her solitude; and her people. They are captured for you in these next few pages by photographer Gordon Sandbach. America is the land of promise, and as you read the words of that great hymn, “America the Beautiful,” travel with us to her seacoasts, her mountains, her cities, her beautiful and quiet places, and join with us in a special thanks for the blessings that are America.

    Oh beautiful for spacious skies …

    For amber waves of grain …

    For purple mountain majesties …

    Above the fruited plain …

    God shed his grace on thee …

    From sea to shining sea …

    Oh beautiful for pilgrim feet …

    Across the wilderness …

    Oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife …

    Who more than self their country loved …

    Thine alabaster cities gleam …

    And crown thy good with brotherhood …

    May God thy gold refine …

    Till all success be nobleness …

    [photo] A waterfall in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    [photo] Ancient dwellings at Pecos National Monument, New Mexico

    [photo] Echo Cliffs near Page, Arizona

    [photo] Monument Valley, Arizona

    [photo] Rolling farmland in Tennessee

    [photo] A barn in Boulder, Colorado

    [photo] Kansas wheat fields

    [photo] The sun seen through a colored fabric at Novato, California

    [photo] A cloud-covered valley in Yosemite National Park

    [photo] The Wasatch Range from behind an old barn in Spanish Fork, Utah

    [photo] A farm near Ellsworth, Maine

    [photo] A tree-lined drive near Concord, New Hampshire

    [photo] Ranch lands near Fairplay, Colorado

    [photo] A stream running through Yellowstone National Park

    [photo] A wooded lake near Hopkington, New Hampshire

    [photo] Summer flowers in Aspen, Colorado

    [photo] A congregation of Saguaros near Tucson, Arizona

    [photo] Lobster pots near Rockland, Maine

    [photo] A fisherman repairs his boat in Monterey, California

    [photo] Waves hitting a beach at Southampton, New York

    [photo] Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

    [photo] Masts of fishing boats at Camden, Maine

    [photo] A horse-drawn plow in the Tennessee farmlands

    [photo] Windmill in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    [photo] A public bench in New York City

    [photo] A snow-swept plain near Daniel, Wyoming

    [photo] A girl traveling across the country in a bus

    [photo] Hills of eastern Colorado

    [photo] A frame cabin in Aspen, Colorado

    [photo] A flag painted on a rock near Manchester, New York

    [photo] Flag flying in Washington, D.C.

    [photo] Flags at half-mast at the Washington Monument shortly after the death of President Johnson

    [photo] A cemetery in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

    [photo] The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

    [photo] A barred window in Greenwich Village, New York City

    [photo] Winter in midtown Manhattan

    [photo] The New York City skyline

    [photo] Interstate 10 west of Los Angeles

    [photo] A laborer takes a break

    [photo] A New York City hansom cab driver

    [photo] A lady in Central Park, New York City

    [photo] A softball player in Central Park

    [photo] Switchbacks on the road up Pikes Peak

    [photo] An autumn-golden tree in Colorado

    [photo] Barren cliffs in southwestern Nebraska

    [photo] A Grand Canyon vista

    [photo] Giant tree in Sequoia National Park

    [photo] Navajo woman, Red Lake, Arizona

    [photo] Saddle bronc rider leaving the chute in Colorado

    [photo] Fisherman in Southampton, New York