This Is Eggbert

Some people think he’s hard-boiled. Not much to look at. Seriously inhibited. They think he’s kind of a tough egg to crack and would rather leave well enough alone. All they see is that rough, unattractive exterior.

But inside Eggbert, as inside each of you, is a golden part that needs to be found and expressed. Now who can do that? Eggbert doesn’t seem to be able to. He needs someone to help get things started.

Crack Eggbert’s shell with a smile, a handshake, an invitation to sit next to you in church. You can probably think of a lot more ways yourself. It’s all part of a worldwide effort to think less of ourselves and more of our brothers and sisters. Have you heard of it? It’s called REACHING THE ONE.

Randall F. Weed, Provo, Utah