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December 1976


The Message:

The Gospel Restored
by Elder Bruce R. McConkie
Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King by Elder Neal A. Maxwell
The Prophet’s Last Christmas by Albert L. Zobell, Jr.
Q&A: Questions and Answers
The Way to a Missionary’s Mailbox by Carol Clark
Missionary Menus That Aren’t Quite Like Mom’s by Laird RobertsThis sandwich is good in areas where fresh vegetables are readily available. Try any combination of vegetables and find what you like best. Then add milk or lemonade and a minute or two to eat in the sun.Don’t waste those leftovers; make them into a scrumptious cake. Preheat your oven to 350° F Then mix all these dry ingredients:First preheat the oven to 375° F. You will need:This is an old-fashioned cookie recipe that will win friends and influence companions. It has been recommended that if there is not sufficient time or the members have been too generous with goodies, you and your waistline should not make this recipe.Hush puppies, black-eyed peas, and catfish are as much a part of the South as a southern accent. Elder Alden Breinholt from Bountiful, Utah, learned to make Catfish Stew from a family living in the back hills of North Carolina.Bread pudding is an old English favorite. Because it makes use of stale bread, it has become popular worldwide as the great end of a good meal.Elder Dan Doerflien from Maryland learned to make this taco-style dish while serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. Elder Doerflien and his companion, Elder Philip McKay from Texas, were the first full-time missionaries to serve in Provo, Utah.It was almost an hour’s drive through a maze of snow-feathered trees to get to the Cornings’ home. Sister Corning was my first baptism as a missionary. I taught my first discussion in that small, backwoods house near Rollingdam, New Brunswick, Canada. After a lesson Brother Corning would get his old out-of-tune guitar, and we would all sit around the oil-burning stove singing folk songs. The air would soon be filled with the tangy, sweet smell of lemon bread baking. Sister Corning taught my companion and me how to make that special treat.What do you do when there are chili beans and tomato sauce in the cupboard but no chili powder? The only spice in sight was Italian spice when Elder Ted Brisbine from Wenatchee, Washington, was making chili one night in Houlton, Maine. The answer was (you guessed it) Italian chili. He liked it so much that he made it that way from then on. People from New Mexico and Texas get upset when they hear this recipe, but don’t let that stop you from trying it.
Let It Dawn! by Melvin Leavitt
Three Gifts at Christmastime by Dean Jarman
FYI: For Your Information


What’s a Brother For?
by Anya C. Bateman
Photo of the Month
Poetry by Susan Savage