Guilty conscience

I really enjoyed “The Least of These, My Brother” in the December New Era. It helped me start off a new week on the right foot. It gave me a guilty conscience when I thought of the people I have not talked to because of their looks. It has made me rededicate myself to the work.

Elder Scott J. Gillespie
Canada Winnipeg Mission

I pray for the day

The New Era always picks me up when I am feeling down. I particularly enjoyed “Speaking from the Heart in Russia.” Having grandparents behind the Iron Curtain myself, I can understand the problems portrayed in the article. We are not able to see our grandparents at all. I pray for the day when Russia will be able to receive the fullness of the gospel.

Stefanie Saczkowski
Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales


I just finished reading the October New Era, and I especially liked “The Game of Life” by Elder Paul H. Dunn. Whenever my companion and I finish reading a New Era, we leave it on a bus, hoping that someone will pick it up and read it and someday join the Church.

Elder Harold Beckstead
England Leeds Mission

Giving a New Era Christmas

I just finished the December New Era, and I was really impressed. I especially liked “What’s a Brother For?” I have two brothers, but unfortunately I am not very close to either of them. I am the only member of the Church in my family, and the others think I’m a “Jesus freak.” I find the New Era so inspiring that I’ve decided to give all my friends a subscription for Christmas.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie is one of my favorite writers. Thank you, Elder McConkie, for “The Restored Gospel.” I always enjoy Mormonisms, and I always share them with my mother who likes them even though she’s not a member. I enjoyed “Let it Dawn!” I could spend hours in a museum. “Gena, My Challenge” by Leah Rae Stasney really touched my heart. I can understand her feelings of failure because I have felt them myself. I have learned that through prayer and help from the missionaries and ward members, many of my friends will accept the gospel. This was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring New Eras ever.

Fiona Esson
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Cousin New Era

I have never written to anyone but relatives before, but I was so spiritually moved by reading the July New Era that I decided it was time to write. Every time I receive this wonderful magazine I stop what I am doing and read it. Sometimes I read it over and over again. When I’m troubled or depressed, I read the New Era, and it helps to make me happy again. My family has received this magazine ever since it has been published. I enjoy reading articles like “Stephen” (May issue), “Battlefront or Homefront,” and “The Paper Butterfly” (June issue). I always learn something from each article I read.

Bronwyn Baron
Houston, Texas

All right, that does it!

So many times I have read a particularly inspiring article in the New Era and have felt that I should write and tell you what a great help this magazine is to me in all areas of my life. Somehow I’ve just never gotten around to writing. After reading “The Game of Life” in the October issue, I can no longer put off sending my thanks. I have a good testimony of the gospel but have never tried to share it with my nonmember friends, making excuses to myself about the “right” time, the “right” lead-in comment, and the classic “What if I offend them?” As I read Elder Dunn’s words about teaching our neighbors and sharing our knowledge, I was humbled. I was thinking of a particular acquaintance I work with who is such an obviously choice spirit that I have often thought to myself, “What a great Mormon he would make!” I was shocked to realize that it’s possible that I am the only thing standing between that fine young man and the gospel of Jesus Christ! Have I been waiting for him to walk up to me and ask about the Church? He doesn’t even know I’m a Mormon!

All right, that does it. Tomorrow my friend is going to hear about the Church. And so are a lot of other people. Thanks again for the article.

Kali D. Horvath
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Five-year friend

Since I became a member of the true church in 1972, I have been reading this fantastic magazine. I really love it. It adds to my knowledge of the gospel and helps keep me strong in the Church. It gives me many ideas on missionary work, and that’s important now that I’m waiting for my call.

Lida A. Bul-on
Butuan City, Philippines

Not only with the elder

Thank you very much for the article “The Way to a Missionary’s Mailbox” in the December New Era. I am writing to a missionary, and with the help of this article I know that I will build a strong relationship not only with the elder but with the Lord.

Dixie Schulz
Roy, Utah

Excited about life

Seldom do we hear of such special and spirited people as Arlene Carter. “Making Tracks While the Sun Shines” in the September New Era really made me stop and analyze my progress and goals. If we could each follow Arlene’s style and become as excited about life, I’m sure we would learn the true meaning of happiness and self-fulfillment.

Tammy Haynie
Alamosa, Colorado

A prayer of my own

How wonderful it was to read John Cristen Crawford’s “For a Greater Purpose.” He must be a very strong young man with a strong testimony of the Church. He suffered terrible pain and yet had great strength and courage, which made him strong again. Now he is richly blessed by serving a mission for our Heavenly Father. I understand what John felt after his accident because I am a nurse and see people suffer every day. How great some of these people are! They have courage like John and they pray sincerely. I can’t help saying a prayer of my own for these people. I thank my Heavenly Father that I am healthy and strong and very blessed. Good luck, John, and thank you for strengthening my testimony. I pray that you will have a long and happy life.

Jeanette Ann Freeth
Lichfield, Staffs, England

How unthankful I have been

I am 16 years old, and reading the November New Era made me realize how much I have to be thankful for and how unthankful I really have been. While reading “Receive All Things with Thankfulness” I felt the Spirit reading right along with me, and I had to read it all over again because it made me feel so good. I have so much to be thankful for, including two wonderful elders who brought the gospel to my friend and me eight months ago. Thank you for a fabulous magazine.

Lynn de Yagher
Shalalth, British Columbia, Canada

A chuckle or a tear

I want to thank you and let you know how much the New Era has helped me. My parents are not members, and I have had to depend on my aunt and uncle who are members for a lot of strength. I remember many a time walking to my aunt and uncle’s house just to read through the New Era. The Message was always straight and clear. The poetry let me explore my inner self, and the short stories often brought a chuckle or a tear. I’m back from my mission now, and I still indulge in a chuckle or two or let a tear fall as I read through the New Era.

Kenneth Furukawa
Kaunakakai, Hawaii

Fair-dinkum, true-blue Aussies

G’day Mates. Just a few humble words from two dinky-die Aussie elders working hard down under in the great Australia Brisbane Mission. We’d like to express our appreciation for publishing such a spot-on magazine as the New Era. Things are goin’ ’orright down in the land of hot meat pies and kangaroos. The sun’s beatin’ down a bit in the Banana Benders Sunshine State (Queensland), but she’ll be right, mate, no worries. The gospel is true and we love it, even if it’s hard yakka spreading it. Thanks from two fair-dinkum, true-blue Aussies.

Elders Ronnie Lyons and Dick Byrnes
Australia Brisbane Mission

Head song

I love every bit of the New Era, especially the Message and the Mormonisms. It makes my heart sing to read people’s testimonies of the gospel, and each issue helps my own testimony grow. I love the Church, and I pray that my parents can one day find the happiness that I have as a member.

Sandy Gaffney
Fishbourne, Sussex, England